5/19/24: The old quizzes from the character poll, the 100-issue celebration, and the 10-year celebration are also now live again.

5/18/24: Updated the comment forms to an actual working system. People can hit enter in their comments again. I've also migrated the character interviews forms to the same place, so people can submit interview questions for characters again!

8/12/22: 900 issues!

5/25/21: Discovered the new forms aren't working as well as I wanted. They function, but only if the commenter does not hit a carriage return in their message. Instead of finding a workaround, I just put a note asking people not to hit enter in their comments. Eventually I'll figure something out but this is just how it's gonna be for now.

4/26/21: Trouble with feedback forms working. Someone sent a lot of comments within the same 30 days and it tripped a submission limit with the service I was using (Formspree). There was no limit when I first signed up for the free service, but they had changed a bunch of stuff and they were holding my messages hostage unless I upgraded, and wanted me pay for a high-end plan to migrate hundreds of forms to their server. I wasn't willing to do that, so I changed the way forms are processed using some code I pulled in from a service called QuackIt. They are working again.

9/11/20: 800 issues!

5/20/20: Negative One is fifteen years old.

10/12/18: 700 issues!

2/14/19: Smash Pages published an interview with me about my webcomics. There's lots of reflection about Negative One here.

11/11/16: 600 issues!

7/3/15: Ten-Year Anniversary contest winners have been announced.

5/20/15: Negative One is ten years old.

5/15/15: Negative One ten-year contest is launched!

12/12/14: 500 issues!

2/21/14: The comic has a Facebook page now.

4/12/13: Baby Benjamin is born in Issue #413! I added Benjamin's baby stats to the Baby Stats page.

8/18/12: I restructured the character page and added a bunch more incidental and secondary character pages for people who didn't have a profile until now. And there are a few new drawings of the major characters in the gallery.

6/10/12: I started a new webcomic called So You Write. Might be of interest to writers--but there's no story, just manga-looking toons.

12/30/11: I stopped coming up with a discussion question for the forum since most people weren't responding to it, so I started Character Mailbag, with cute drawings of the characters inviting readers to e-mail them through the Character Interviews page.

6/20/10: Tonya has a character page now. I also added to the character galleries.

6/10/10: Fan Comics has begun. Readers can now get a sneak preview at a Negative One script if they volunteer to draw it to be displayed alongside the official one. Comics by fans will be included as part of the fan art section and linked to the comics they pertain to.

5/21/10: Alix has a character page now.

5/20/10: Negative One is five years old. A celebration page is up, featuring some silly cake pictures and milestone stats as well as a collection of fanart, fanfiction, and gifts from kindly readers who helped me ring in this important anniversary.

1/9/10: A Negative One forum was just launched, in addition to a new feature prompting discussion questions every week. Join the conversation!

5/17/09:: I finally gave a new layout to the front page, to better organize all the information and make it a little less, er, busy. This is in honor of the comic's fourth anniversary!

3/20/09: The 200th episode contest is over, and the character interviews are posted.

3/14/09: The 200th episode contest is live! And its technical difficulties working with the annoying PHP crap made the update LATE LATE LATE. I will never forgive it. :P (Oh, and I refuse to acknowledge it as my fault, so there.)

3/8/09: There is now a Color Gallery collecting the rare color drawings of Negative One, and a sub-page of it features the 2009 calendar.

I also added a new character page for the lady who took care of Ivy at the shelter--her name's Theresa--because she's going to be in more than just these episodes. I added a few more "best-of" drawings to the gallery, too.

3/6/09: A 200th episode contest has been announced to start next week.

3/5/09: I got an RSS feed. I know, I know, I'm slow.

2/24/09: My YouTube Commercial is up now!

1/29/09: New fan art from Fred.

1/23/09: The lovely Amethyst sent me birthday fanfiction for the comic, so now Negative One has a fanfiction page. The main page now links to a fan works page instead of just the fanart.

12/19/08: Storylines met each other for the first time tonight! You guys have only been waiting for this since, oh, 2005. . . .

11/28/08: I've posted a first draft of a commercial for YouTube. I need people to try out for the speaking roles! Check out the link to watch the commercial or get info on how you can audition.

10/17/08: A new character has joined Ivy's storyline, so little Melanie gets her own character page. (I added a couple more drawings to the character galleries, too.)

8/25/08: Partly due to poll enthusiasm, I've decided to start an ad and it starts running tomorrow. I put up a couple new banners for use in ads, and they can also be used for linking. They can be found at the banner link page.

8/22/08: Today's update also came with a new poll (well, three polls, actually). Please give me your opinion.

6/28/08: As I was adding a small selection of new pictures to the best-of gallery, I realized that I of course needed a gallery for the best drawings from Ivy's storyline now that she's got her own, so here it is. (And you can look for a few new "best" character pics and gallery drawings if you want.)

6/13/08: This week's comic starts with baby Amanda becoming narrator Ivy. It's a little confusing so I made an explanation page. Ivy, as a narrator, now has a character page separate from her character page as Amanda.

6/8/08: I got some new fanart from SHO!, so check out his entries on the fanart page. Also I added a couple more character pictures of Adele and added new pictures to the gallery.

5/23/08: The contest is over. Check out the winners and entries.

5/16/08: Negative One is THREE YEARS OLD as of May 20, so in honor of this I am holding a contest, and there are some really cool prizes this time. I hope you participate.

5/1/08: I decided that since those clubber guys have been in more than one issue, they deserve their own page just as much as Aleef does, so . . . THE CLUBBERS character page!

3/29/08: First off: 150 issues! Yay!
Secondly: New fanart from Mike.
And lastly: I added some new "best of" drawings to the gallery and some of the character pages.

1/22/08: Got new fanart from another webcomic artist: Heather of The Naked Elf: You can see it here.

1/12/08: I added a few new pictures to the best-of gallery and also some new pictures to some of the character pages. These were long overdue. I'm going to start trying not to make a habit of letting them build up.

12/14/07: Today's issue has a color drawing on it, and this is so rare that I decided to add it to the Promo Drawings Gallery. There you can see both the original sketch (large, color) and the "processed" one, which is scaled down and has a red tint. I am using the image for some of my holiday cards this year.

10/12/07: There's an entry for Negative One on Comixpedia (I guess they're the comics Wikipedia!), so you can see Negative One's entry or see the webcomics creator entry on me. (I linked to the comic's entry on the main page by the vote buttons.)

10/4/07: Today I completed adding some long-overdue character shots to each character's about page--Fred, Amanda, Adele, Weaver, the Mysterious Man's nephew, Dax, and the hippies all have at least one new good picture on the "about" page for them. I also added some of my more recently high-quality drawings to the gallery page.

9/30/07: Not that it's any big deal, but I got a suggestion that I leave Wingdings and Webdings and whatnot out of my navigation because they don't display right in all operating systems. So I changed the navigation to take those characters out, and I threw some extra directions into the mix to make the fonts display consistently inside tables. What a pain.

7/22/07: The winners of my 100th issue contest now have their prizes posted. You can go look at what they won. Since two of them were posters and were pretty decent art, I also added them to the gallery page, where there is now a promotional drawings page.

6/18/07: I have a new button on the links page, and today I joined webbedcomics. Look for the new voting button.

5/20/07: Obviously, I moved the comic to my domain. Hooray for the new address that is less clunky! Change your bookmarks please.

4/16/07: New features! The front page looks a little different to accomodate them. Check out the trivia quiz (which is pretty much the same as the one I did for the 100th issue contest), and the favorite character poll, and also I have started the Negative One store where you can buy shirts and cups and a bunch of other stuff. Yay! Happy 100th issue, me!

4/13/07: Contest over! I have winners.

4/6/07: Contest launched!

4/2/07: Watch the main page and this coming week's issue for a trivia contest that I'm going to run from the comic's 99th issue to its 100th issue! Announcements/specifics forthcoming.

3/2/07: Today's issue brings a new character: The Mysterious Man's nephew. He has a character page now.

1/23/07: New Weaver fanart by Chibity!

1/22/07: New Adele fanart by Nakomi!

12/29/06: I decided to add the vote buttons to the actual individual pages from now on, because I think people who like the comic haven't been voting just because the vote buttons aren't really in the immediate view. If you like my comic and want me to do well, I really would like you to vote because if my comic gets into the top 100 and stays there, I get a lot more attention on the lists!

11/13/06: The Negative One Archive is up--a lot of it is the same information that's always been up, but it's structured differently and now has two new options: A list of synopses, and also a version of it that's split up by character. I added a couple directory pages for the synopses and the FAQs, and expanded/reorganized the navigation toolbar on the front page. Hope you like it. Also added a how to support me page. And I joined Buzz Comix for more publicity, maybe. Three new banners on the linking page for your linkable pleasure.

11/12/06: Finally finished a project that's been in the works for a while: Character galleries. The character pages for each person have been updated and have been given a small gallery of my favorite pictures of each. Some of them are the same pictures in the best-of gallery, but that one is more for good drawings while this is just my favorite depictions of the characters. I'll try to keep these up to date. I also updated and added to the minis on the front page.

10/20/06: Three newsworthy bits. ONE: You may have noticed (if you're very observant) that my drawings have gotten darker. I found a cool darkening utility that doesn't distort the pictures too much, so I applied it all through the comic. TWO: There's a new piece of fanart: Mike's Adele Collage. And THREE: We've reached 75 issues! HUZZAH!

9/17/06: I've been meaning to do this for a long time, but I added a Weaver gallery (with a whole ONE picture in it), and added a new picture to Adele's gallery and two more to Meri Lin's. Not a lot of drawings lately that I'm very proud of, so I haven't been adding to the galleries.

7/24/06: Negative One Fanart Page has a new addition: Cara drew Adele's family.

5/14/06: I added my site to The Webcomic List and am now sporting a new button to click on the main page, so I can be ranked and voted for. :)

5/12/06: For those of you who are counting, Negative One is officially one year old! This is my 52nd issue. Interestingly enough, this also marks my 1,000th frame. (Not 1,000 drawings yet, because a large number of them are text blocks, but still 1,000 frames is pretty cool!) Adele is back after her approximately six-week absence, and I have succeeded in posting Negative One every Friday without fail for an entire year, no hiatus or guest strips or anything, even when I was on vacation. This means I rule. Someone please kiss my feet or something.

4/28/06: It's raining new narrators! Just two weeks ago we got Weaver and now we have Dax. This marks 50 issues for Negative One! WOO-HOO! So Dax has his own character page and so do the hippies who are featured with him.

4/21/06: Besides today's new issue, I also got a new piece of character graffiti from Mike. See it!

4/15/06: Cara drew me a new contribution for the fanart page, finally I have one from Meri Lin's storyline. :)

4/14/06: The long-anticipated arrival of one of the new narrators is here. Weaver gets to tell his story starting with #0048: weaver #1: enemy. So both Weaver and his companion the Mysterious Man get their own character pages as well.

4/7/06: NEGATIVE ONE GALLERY POSTED! I took some of my favorite pictures from the comics and made them into an easy-to-browse gallery, so you can see the best drawings without talk bubbles on them.

3/11/06: I added a Fanart section! And also a new toolbar on the front page to make the increased selections look prettier.

2/20/06: I've been getting a bit dissatisfied with some of the delivery of the forms I was using from Bravenet, so I got a script from thesitewizard.com and after much guesswork (since I'm not a programmer) figured out how to make it work for my site. I have forms that suck less now! Yay!

2/10/06: BABY AMANDA IS HERE! She was born on Comic #39, and now she has her own character page and a little group of artifacts: Birth certificate, Symbol list, Horoscopes, a footprint, and a birth announcement.

11/4/05: Meri Lin's parents now have a character page to themselves.

10/14/05: There's a new character in town: Shelshay the Shioan prophet. I added her character page along with issue twenty-two--she appeared in issue twenty, but she didn't have a name yet. :)

10/7/05: Twenty-one issues. Now my comic's old enough to drink. But Meri Lin shouldn't do that because she's pregnant, right? It might cause the child to be born abnormal and we can't have that.

9/30/05: Hit twenty issues! Wahoo!

9/6/05: Got accepted in a listing at HotWebComics.com.

9/1/05: Added a new collective character page for Adele's family.

8/5/05: Added a new character page for Adele's friend Aleef.

7/29/05: New issue today, plus I decided to add a character page for Meri Lin's sister, Lissa Lee. I got accepted for being listed at OnlineComics.net and people have already added me to favorites and even written comments. That's very nice. :)

7/22/05: Success! I have ten issues. I applied to be listed at OnlineComics.net because they require you to have at least ten pages and now I do. Go me.

7/8/05: I got approved for the Fantasy Exchange a few days ago so my banners are in circulation and should be appearing on other people's fantasy comics! Maybe I'll get some attention! I re-did a couple things on the navigation and put my little hand graphic up on the comics pages--what'cha think? Added two new banners too, for linking.

7/1/05: I just put up #7, and gave the front site a makeover. Do you like it?

6/17/05: #5 is up, and I joined a Webring about webcomics.

6/16/05: JOINING STORM: Joining a bunch of junk to try to get the comic seen. Topwebcomics.com, Webcomicslist, and Fantasy Exchange have heard from me, and I'll apply at Onlinecomics.net when I've done enough strips to qualify. Where applicable, please go to the main page and vote so I can get a few readers and get this beeyatch kick-started.

6/15/05: Comic is live! Linked to more than just my LiveJournal. Woo-wee.

Site got a face lift, adding FAQs and all the crap I promised when I started #1.

6/10/05: Four weeks of comics. Decided I can handle doing one of these things. Plan to "go live" and announce this comic's existence to the world, who is obviously going to care SO MUCH!

5/20/05: First Negative One comic published! Me am artist! WHEEE!

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