Fanart: Negative One

These are all works of art others have created with my comic characters as the subjects. Please also see FAN COMICS!

Submit fanart to this address, and include the information for what name credit you want and whether you want me to link you.

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By Cara:

Pictures 1, 2 and 3: Drawn in pencil, in "Negative One" style. Picture 4 is in pen. Picture 1 is Adele; Picture 2 is Shelshay; Picture 3 is Adele with her family; Picture 4 is the Fisher-Ling family.

By Chibity:

Chibity's rather fit-looking digitally colored Weaver. In pants. Chibity is a co-author of the online comic Tainted Truth.

By Corinne:

A five-year anniversary fanart gift from Corinne depicts what many Negative One fans would like to see: Meri Lin with her baby in her arms. :)

By Fred:

Picture 1: Fred's marker drawing of Meri Lin washing a gross pot. Picture 2: Fred's marker drawing of what it might look like if Amanda grew up and worked in construction! (Based on a comment SHO! made in issue 288.)

By Heather:

A digitally colored baby Amanda levitating a ball. Modeled on Heather's son (which is why she ended up with extra fingers). Heather is the author of the online comic The Naked Elf.

By Jessica:

Jessica drew me a digital painting of Adele during the scene when she comes out into the human world for the first time.

By Jessie:

Trading Card Set: Jessie contributed these marker drawings of the five narrators in honor of Negative One's fifth anniversary.

Picture 1: Jessie's fluffy Ivy doodle, rendered in Copic marker. Picture 2: A cropped picture of just the Negative One characters, from a larger drawing called The Wonderful World of SwankiVY. Jessie can be found at

By Kari:

Kari hand-sewed a felt chibi head representing Weaver!
A cute coffee cup with various Weaver faces on it. Gifted to me in 2021.

By Mike:
Mike digitally rearranges my art and puts captions; he doesn't actually do the drawings.
Picture 1: "Adele-ators Anonymous," Held at "First Babetist Church!" Using a comic frame from #0016.
Picture 2: Adele wearing a shirt with a double meaning: It reads "Outta This World!" Using a comic frame from #0016.
Picture 3: Wanted poster for Adele, for "grand theft cardio." Using a comic frame from #0038.
Picture 4: Adele discussing humility--her talk bubble is all that is altered. Using a comic frame from #
Picture 1: Weaver with a thought-caption Mike thought appropriate. Using a comic frame from #0048.
Picture 2: An Adele collage.
Picture 3: LOLAdele--an Adele picture with a LOLcats-themed caption. Using a comic frame from #0148.

By Nakomi:

Picture 1: Adele with cool digital coloring effects. Picture 2: The same picture with added effects. Nakomi likes this one better. Nakomi is a co-author of the comic Tainted Truth.

By Pipthekitsune:

Digitally airbrushed Weaver drawing in color.

By Reeny:

Picture 1: Reeny was messing around in Paint and came up with a drawing that resembled Meri Lin, so she sent it to me saying so. Picture 2: Sent for Negative One's fifth anniverary, Reeny's Paint drawing of Ivy and Dax. Picture 3: Sent for Negative One's tenth anniversary, Reeny's Paint drawing of Ivy.

By SHO!:

Here's baby Ivy and Weaver hanging out in the sky . . . Ivy seems to be having things her way as usual!
Picture 1: Adele at the "Mirror of Erised" (from Harry Potter), seeing what she most desires (being in color, running around in regular clothes!). Picture 2: The same picture with no "dreamy" distortion on the mirror.
These three depict Adele in various stages of entering a swimming pool wearing a lovely bathing suit. Picture 1 has her still in her cover-up, while Picture 2 shows her diving into the pool and Picture 3 shows her coming up after her dive.
This is a hand-made photo frame that was engraved and decorated by SHO!, and the drawings in the frames were also done by him. Picture 1 is a shot of the whole frame; Picture 2 is the anniversary message, engraved; Picture 3 says "Since May 20, 2005," engraved; Picture 4 shows the back of the frame with marker logos from SHO!; Picture 5 is the pencil drawing of Adele; and Picture 6 is the pencil drawing of baby Amanda.
SHO! made me a figure of Weaver for my birthday in 2015. The wings fold out!

By Silverpaperplate:

Silverpaperplate painted Dax on canvas using acrylics and gold paint. To see the frame and detail in its full glory, you've got to blow this up, because there's a lot more to it . . . please see its DeviantART home to leave some comments if you like, or (better yet!) you can see the cool video she made documenting her progress on the painting at every step, here on YouTube. This was sent for Negative One's fifth anniversary.

That's all for now. Thanks for coming by. Please go back to Negative One. And if you want to contribute a piece, please send them here. I would love to see your work--especially if you've got an idea for a drawing of a character no one's tried before.

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