These club-going folks enter this story in comic 0146: Dax #13, Colored Lights. Dax meets them at a point when two of the three have recently taken a hallucinogenic drug, and they think he is a figment of their imagination at first.

There are three clubbers: Two girls and one boy. The boy has no name, but he is the one who is not tripping, and eventually he helps explain "tripping" to Dax and offers him his own portion of acid because he does not want to take it. The girls, Monica and Marie, are already under the influence but don't appear to actually be hallucinating much or losing touch with reality while they are in the story.

Monica is unusually tall and Marie is unusually short, and they relate for Dax a previous acid trip during which Marie had a "revelation" that she shouldn't feel intimidated by Monica's height based on a hallucination that they were both the same height. Their discussion of how hallucinogenic drugs can help you "expand your mind" and "get a new perspective" is very attractive to Dax, because he wants to understand the human world so badly and is convinced by meeting these clubbers that he may need a push. . . .

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