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Dax appears in this comic on a summer night near the beach in issue #50. The reason he suddenly finds himself in the human world after crawling out of a lake with no memories is better explained in Adele's storyline, but for the purposes of this page it's only necessary to know that he arrived through a trans-dimensional pool and that the distance he traveled through it took away all of his memories, including his vocabulary. But he differs from Weaver in that his first contact with the local humans is fairly friendly.

Having been spied by some local hippies who are camping on the beach, Dax is offered some strange food and wonders if he might begin to learn about the world through these native people. It took a while before he discovered that his companions were not exactly model citizens, but the fact remains that they certainly offer him a brand of compassion he won't receive again from any human for the next decade.

Once on his own after rejecting the human world, Dax's storyline combines with Weaver's and the two bond over spiritual beliefs about nature. Dax is more intuitive and Weaver is more analytical when they try to figure out what they believe, but their thoughts are good for each other. He has a friendly and accepting approach to every other new person he meets in the story as well.

Dax is a big, broad creature who can walk on two feet or run on his hands and his feet a bit like a lion. It's hard to tell exactly how tall he is because he doesn't tend to stand up straight, but he's probably close to seven feet tall and very strong. He looks a bit like a sphinx because of his lion-esque body (minus the tail), but he has long curly white hair like a mane and little vestigial horns, and his bottom canines stick out of his mouth most of the time. The curly white goatee on his chin makes him look strangely charming. In a black-and-white comic you can't tell, of course, but the fur that covers most of his body is a light tan color, and his eyes are a bright, shiny red with no visible pupils. Dax has an animalistic grace to his movements, but it would be hard to mistake him for an animal because he always wears clothes and he radiates a kind of intelligence animals do not, even though at the beginning of this comic he can't communicate.

Dax is very patient, very calm, and very spiritual. He has a good memory, a great sense of smell, and he trusts easily because he has an ingrained confidence in his ability to defend himself. Some people might be scared of him because he could easily be mistaken for a giant demon creature, but after getting to know him and seeing how gentle he is, it's hard to even remember a time when he was scary.

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