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The random hippies enter this story in Dax's first comic: #0050. They are of course important because they are Dax's introduction to the world of humans, but so far only one has mentioned having a name (one of the girl hippies is named Sylvia), and the others just never mentioned their names in a way that Dax absorbed.

There are six hippies in the group: four guys and two girls. They're basically stereotypical hippies in that they don't really do much but "live free" and smoke pot, and they really don't bathe often. One of the hippies owns a van that they travel in, and they go from town to town hitting known "ranches" and hostels where tolerant people are willing to share what they have. One of the girls in the hippie group makes macrame necklaces and bracelets that she sells, and two of the guy hippies play guitars while one of them plays drums. But some of them are not always honest people and they have been known to steal food and supplies.

The hippies are mostly important because they speak a lot and show Dax that there is kindness in the world. He ends up learning a lot from them though he doesn't remember much about them personally once he leaves. What's important is he is given enough information to get started on finding more, and he experiences enough of their world without being in mortal danger that he can see he doesn't want any part of it in the long run.

My favorite hippies pictures (click on the small pictures to see large, good quality scans):

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