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Shelshay is a Shioan prophet about five years older than Adele, first appearing in issue #20. She's bubbly and a bit hyper, and very enthusiastic and friendly. Adele finds her strange and slightly creepy because she isn't very familiar with the Shioan race even though their people settled Ailashuo long ago and they share a language. Despite their differences, the two young prophets are curious about each other and decide to have a conversation while waiting beside a travel pool one day.

Shelshay has been interested in dimensional travel ever since she witnessed the last ai-shaifa (a.k.a. "the flash"), and has endeavored to visit every possible dimension since then. But because traveling more than one step at a time from any plane of existence causes memory loss, she hasn't been allowed to venture far and wide to explore. She is immediately jealous of Adele because soon she will travel to the human world (where she has never been), and even though it will be a one-way trip involving significant memory loss, Shelshay wishes she could go as well.

Surprised to find out that Adele has never been anywhere but her home dimension, Shelshay acts as a cheerleader for Adele's curiosity, encouraging her to notice and learn about her surroundings.

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