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Weaver begins his time in this comic by unexpectedly popping out of a pool in some guy's backyard. He is introduced in issue #48. The explanation for how he managed to come to the human world from another dimension is better explained in Adele's storyline, but for the purposes of this page it's only necessary to know that he arrived through a trans-dimensional pool and that the distance he traveled through it took away all of his memories, including his vocabulary. When he arrives in the human world, he's not only alone and confused, but can't express himself or ask questions.

To make matters worse, during his first nap in his new home he is captured by an eccentric old man and imprisoned in a parrot cage, also separated from his only possession: His sword. He had to learn as much as he could while in his cramped quarters and try to escape--he believed that whatever awaited him outside the cage and the house, it had to be an improvement. When he eventually does find his way to freedom, his storyline crosses with others' stories and he manages to forge a brother-like relationship with Dax based on their shared philosophies.

Weaver is about two feet tall and resembles a cross between a teddy bear and a bat. He can fly and climb very well, sleeps while hanging upside-down wrapped up in his wings, and always wears his shoulder harness for his tiny sword. In a black-and-white comic you can't tell, of course, but most of his skin and much of his fur is an unearthly shade of blue. (His shiny little eyes are blue, too.) He's a very here-and-now kind of person, very able to deal with situations impulsively, loves words, and learns very quickly.

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