Negative One Poll: Spoiler Art!

Hi! Please help me out and give your opinion.

Just for fun, do you want to see some "spoiler art" from the future of some of the Negative One storylines? What would you like to see?

Please take the poll below to give me your opinion. You can close the window when you're finished. I'll acknowledge your reply when I get it.

POLL: Which scene from the future of Negative One would you like me to draw and post? (There are four choices. As you might imagine, this poll contains SPOILERS. If you do not want to know anything about the future, please do not click this poll. If you click it, you get to pick which choice you'd most like to see, and there is a box to suggest your own for the next time I do this.)

Thanks in advance for your input, guys. Please keep reading and voting, and tell anyone who might enjoy the story that my comic is always looking for new readers.

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