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Tonya is a little girl whom Melanie met at school and brought to see Ivy in issue #262. Tonya, being half Korean and half white, has Asian eyes but dark blonde hair, which reminded Melanie of the baby since it's a rather unusual combination. However, when Melanie brought it up, Tonya didn't believe Melanie's claims about her supposedly non-human flying baby, so she had to see for herself. And she did.

Tonya is on the practical and skeptical side, but she was easily "converted" to believing in fairies when she saw Ivy. She thought Ivy should have a name since Melanie just called her "baby," and suggested calling her "Trixie the Pixie." Melanie later rejected that name but Tonya continued to call her that.

Sometimes she and Melanie didn't get along because they both had strong personalities. Tonya seems to know a lot about camping as she was always suggesting camping-related solutions to Ivy's homeless life, and one day when a little squabble with Melanie had her temporarily caring for the baby, she just brought her home. She was unable to hide the baby very long, so her mother and her older half-sister Tara were also let in on the secret of the flying baby. Their family got involved in taking care of her because of this.

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