[hand]Issue 0001: He Really Meant It. Meri Lin #1.
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Pictured: Woman doctor in a lab coat enters a room. Doctor says: Mrs.--sorry, MISS Ling? Pictured: Meri Lin, a Chinese woman with long black hair. Facial expression is troubled.
Pictured: Meri Lin smiles apprehensively. Doctor (offscreen) says: The test was positive. You're going to be a mother. Pictured: Meri Lin closes her eyes and looks worried. Meri Lin thinks: Oh God. What are my parents going to say?
Pictured: Long hallway with Meri Lin emerging from the examination room. In the foreground is the back of a man's head. His hair is blonde and slightly curly.
Pictured: In profile, Meri Lin and the man face each other. The man is Fred, her partner. He is tall with a moustache. Fred says: What's the verdict? Result? Whatever. Um, you know what I mean. Pictured: Fred's face is lit up. Meri Lin says: Hi DADDY. Meri Lin thinks: His eyes. They lit up like fireworks. He wants this child. He isn't disappointed or disturbed at all.
Pictured: Fred closes his eyes and takes Meri Lin's face between his hands. She smiles. Meri Lin thinks: He was telling the truth all along. He wants to raise a child with me. We'll be a family: Me and Fred and our baby. And right now I don't care what my OTHER family will think. Pictured: Fred and Meri Lin kiss. Meri Lin thinks: Because we have each other.

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Dan M.5/21/059:18
Well first off I think you accomplished one of he main goals of writing a comic, and that is you have made me curious to see where this is going. After reading that you had drawn a comic I didn't know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by how well your drawings conveyed the consistency of the characters. They are actually really good! I think this my favorite art work of yours that I have seen, and it is definitely IVY-esque. Keep going!
this is really neat, yet another skill that has come in to light from someone whom has so many already. Good stuff the man with moustache looks really good.
I have a slightly different perspective on your "old" artwork now that I've read through and seen your newer work. You've improved! Though, there are still great things consistent with your newer work; good facial expressions, for one, and insightful "inner dialogue".

I like the long hallway panel. Kind of abstract but rather pretty in its way. Your first Fred under it is the most "real" looking--since this first comic you've become more consistent with your characters' faces. That's no mean feat considering the level of realism you draw this comic in.

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