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The winners and their entries (not in any order):

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SHO! SHO! came up with the most surreal entries in this contest, easily. Obviously the characters in the Adele storyline don't actually talk like he's got them talking here, but first off it was really funny, and secondly I liked how he took full advantage of the things you were "allowed" to do, like duplicating images, and made it look almost like a real Negative One episode, titles and all. (And it contains a reference to my short story "Wind," but that's neither here nor there.) SHO! won an Amazon gift certificate for this. Each participant was allowed to enter up to 4 times with different storylines, so be sure to see SHO!'s other work below in the "other entries" section.
Jessie Jessie of stayed well within the rules of the contest even though she made *reference* to another storyline here--I said you could! :) I was very amused by the way Shelshay described her impression of the human dimension. . . . Jessie won a 24-pack of Sharpie markers.
Hiho/Anna Hiho/Anna of AnnaKin surprised me with the last entry of the contest. Okay, so I'm a Yoda fan, and I liked that Anna pulled this reference out and applied it to my characters this way--it just really fit well and amused me. (And when the type in that talk bubble gets so tiny you can't read it, just so you know, she's still reciting Yoda lines. . . . ) She won a gift certificate for her contribution.

Here are the other (printable) entries I received! I had a hard time choosing, as you probably imagined. :) Have fun browsing, and I'm sorry I couldn't give a prize to everyone who participated! (But that would probably annoy everyone, I guess!)

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Dash Er, I sure HOPE Adele and Shelshay never get it in their heads to do something like this!
Dash I knew Amanda was a little strange, but I wasn't aware she had knowledge of Chinese emperors . . . come to think of it, why is Meri Lin talking about emperors in the first place?
Emily Yeah, this is what might happen if Adele met Shelshay again post-dimensional-travel . . . and I must say I could totally see Shelshay tracking Adele down and dragging her off to faeryland if she had a chance. . . .
Emily Uh-oh, do I see some matchmaking going on? Emily, are you 'shipping my comic? Bwahaha. . . .
Emily Hey, I didn't know characters actually reveal spoilers to the audience themselves. How'd you guys do that?
Emily Ahh, very well-done . . . it was hard to resist this comic! I like the way Emily had these guys interact. ;)
Meggie This seriously could have been an episode of the comic. Meggie has the characters' attitudes down pat. Meri Lin is worrying and Fred is joking around. Surprise!
Mikey Nobody can hold a fill-in-the-talk-bubble contest without a fart joke or two. Thanks Mikey. (Mikey gave me an Adele comic too, but I found the subject matter a little too adult to share with the public. Heh.)
Reeny Actually, I didn't know Shelshay liked Adele that way! (Reeny is my one brave contributor who doesn't read the comic, which led to inventing situations from scratch. With amusing results!!)
Reeny Reeny re-cast the Fisher-Ling family, of course . . . and Fred's suggestions as to what Meri Lin can do to combat boredom are not exactly keeping her jumping for joy. . . .
SHO! SHO! likes to joke that Fred looks like Colonel Sanders. This is the story of how he became the KFC mogul we all know today. This is another one done in Negative One style (complete with introspective narration in bars between boxes!) and in this one he makes reference to the Dax storyline as well.
SHO! I had to censor the title because I'm a jerk, so you can't see that he put a title on this one too, but this is definitely the most surreal one in my opinion--if you don't know that the whole thing's a reference to "Bruce the Duck," a short story I wrote in freakin' high school. Wow, cool points aplenty. (SHO! did a Dax comic too, but it was also a little bit too adult by my estimation, so I can't post it.)

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