This sudden appearance of a new narrator who's, uh, also a character we've been seeing for some time is bound to be confusing, so . . . I'm going to explain a few things.
  1. First off, why are you calling Amanda "Ivy"? "Ivy" is a name Baby Amanda acquires later in her life. As of this comic, she's entered a period of life where she doesn't really understand how to tell people her name is "Amanda" and hasn't yet met the people who will call her "Ivy." But because I set a precedent by "naming" Dax and Weaver with the names they'll get in the future, I figured I needed to do that with Ivy too. Sorry it's so weird.

  2. Where the heck is the Meri Lin comic? You're not going to LEAVE them like that ARE YOU? Okay, some rather sad things do happen in this comic, but I am not that evil. Yes, I will come back to Meri Lin.

  3. But you used to do these comics in a predictable order, and now it's screwed up because you've got five narrators. Yeah, I know. Fact is, I've got to re-evaluate the order. I seem to have screwed a few things up. My storylines do eventually have to start making sense in relation to one another, and I'm WAY behind with Dax and Ivy and WAY ahead with Adele. To make things match up, I am going to have to ease off on the frequency of Adele's comics and speed up some of the others. I may find an order to use and I may just be totally arbitrary at some points. But rest assured I'll keep telling the story in a way that makes sense, and none of your characters are gonna get dropped.

  4. Oh crap. You're narrating from a two-year-old's perspective. Huh? When Dax and Weaver came to our dimension, I still gave them thoughts in words. I didn't oversimplify their thoughts, though at first their speech couldn't match up. (Dax's is still severely lacking. Weaver's doing great.) Ivy is a different story. She's a baby. I'm not going to use baby talk to narrate what she's thinking, but I'm just going to do my best to express the uncomplicated but whole emotions and thoughts she experiences with the cleanest and simplest language I can use to still carry the essence. When Ivy thinks, she's not necessarily thinking those words. But the simple phrasing is my attempt to frame her baby-ness with the right flavor. I hope it works for you.

  5. What's up with Amanda/Ivy having two character pages? It made the most sense to me to separate the time she's Amanda from the time she's Ivy. Obviously she doesn't become a different person by flying out the window, but in Meri Lin's storyline she's Amanda and she's not a narrator, while as Ivy she's her own narrator and has her own storyline. This is a big division, so I decided to leave Amanda-as-Meri-Lin's-baby as a supporting character in her section, while Ivy-as-her-own-person will do well to have her own section.

  6. Why's Ivy's narration got a weird-looking font? I'm trying to reinforce the immaturity of her thoughts by making the font larger and more child-like. Hope it helps.

  7. If you renamed Amanda, does that mean it's permanent? Does that mean Meri Lin isn't going to get her back? Classified information! There are MANY reasons why Amanda got renamed, and you'll just have to wait and see, but rest assured I will leave no stone unturned.

  8. D'oh, Ivy's out by herself and she's still in diapers? What happens when she needs changing? Er . . . a mess?

  9. But wait, Meri Lin's sister was supposed to come and find out about her niece and stuff. Is she still coming? What's going to happen with that? Yet again I guess you'll wait and see, but yeah, I think this is going to be a very difficult period of time for everyone.

    Especially me. This is freaking depressing.

    Send me comments, votes, and fanart to cheer me up already. (Or, most importantly, just keep reading. Thank you.)

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