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Lissa Lee Ling is a minor character--Meri Lin's younger sister--but she is very important to Meri Lin as she is the only person in her immediate family who seems excited about the addition to the family. She first appears in flashbacks in issue #3 and issue #5, but her first actual appearance is in issue #11 and she shows her first interaction with other characters in issue #47 during a visit. She is excited at the prospect of being an aunt, and she would like to visit her sister more often both before and after the baby is born, but she lives in upstate New York while Meri Lin lives in the city, and it's very difficult to get the money and time off school to travel. (Lissa Lee starts the comic storyline while in her first year of college and has no car.)

Nevertheless, she's a big help in boosting her sister's confidence, and she is ecstatic to have a niece. Sadly, after a couple of times of seeing the baby in her infancy, she is prevented by circumstance from seeing the child. She continues to support her sister through difficult times and through the birth of Meri Lin's second child--Lissa Lee's nephew Benjamin.

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