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Alix shows up as an initially unwelcome guest on Dax's and Weaver's beach in issue #257. After a rocky start, he initiated conversation with them. As a person who considers himself non-human (despite being born in the human world), he feels that he has more in common with these two dimensional travelers than he does with the people who raised him, so he asked Dax and Weaver to teach him to live outside of society like they do. His addition to the "team" made interaction very interesting, especially since Weaver doesn't like him very much and feels threatened by Dax's acceptance of him.

Alix has several unusual features associated with his ability to breathe underwater, and he's a talented fisherman and swimmer. However, he is also prone to a slightly sullen attitude and regularly complains about the harsh conditions once he gets more comfortable with his company. He leans on the survival skills of his companions more than he should, but he does honestly want to become self-sufficient, and sometimes works hard at it. When Adele's storyline eventually crosses theirs, his relationship with her is adversarial most of the time, and he's a little afraid of her.

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