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0001 meri lin #1: he really meant it First appearance of Meri Lin and Fred. Meri Lin goes to the doctor, finds out she is pregnant, and tells her partner, Fred. She worries about what her parents will think, but feels secure in Fred's arms.
0002 adele #1: the last year First appearance of Adele and Tabitha. Adele philosophizes on how she feels about getting her new black robe--a symbol of accomplishment in her prophecy studies--and has a flashback about idolizing her teacher, Tabitha. She mourns the fact that she now has a year left to live in her home dimension.
0003 meri lin #2: opportunity First appearance (via flashback) of Meri Lin's parents and her sister Lissa Lee. Meri Lin and Fred discuss names for the baby and what sex they think it will be. A flashback shows a phone conversation between Meri Lin and her parents in which they threaten to disown her if she marries Fred, though Meri Lin thinks it's odd that the family chose America to raise their children "for opportunity" if she isn't really free to do as she pleases.
0004 adele #2: you don't remember what you lostAdele sulkily argues with her teacher about what she faces in the next world, and tries to seek comfort over the disturbing realization that she is going to lose her memories when she travels to the human world in a year's time. But Tabitha convinces Adele that moving forward is important.
0005 meri lin #3: we made ourselves who we wereA flashback details Meri Lin and her sister taking new names above and beyond their given names, and thinks about how she feels Fred is her husband even though they aren't married. The two tease each other about the sex of the baby again.
0006 adele #3: mapping the universe Tabitha teaches Adele about "the flash," a phenomenon where interdimensional water pools open to different dimensions. They talk about how the "distance" of each dimension determines how much memory a person retains when traveling there.
0007 meri lin #4: tying the knot Meri Lin and Fred have their own home ceremony in which they pledge their lives to each other in a carefree but meaningful "wedding." They exchange vows and plastic rings, and Meri Lin philosophizes about their relationship.
0008 adele #4: mythologyTabitha and Adele continue to talk about the dimensions, and Adele asks some questions about dimension Fae, a world very close to dimension Thee-ileo, the human world. Tabitha tells Adele about how Faeries like to come to Thee-ileo and mess around, which Adele thinks is weird. More information about the dimensions is scattered around here.
0009 meri lin #5: the baby's room The couple prepares a room for the baby and discusses names. Meri Lin has a weird feeling that the room itself is waiting for her baby.
0010 adele #5: the only wayAdele learns more about the creatures of other dimensions through a meditation exercise. Prophecy techniques are discussed.
0011 meri lin #6: for the first time Meri Lin's week of firsts: Her first maternity clothes, her first mood swing, her first visit with her sister since she got the news. She worries about what kind of parent she will be.
0012 adele #6: sent homeFirst appearance of Aleef. Tabitha unexpectedly sends Adele home instead of inviting her to stay over for dreaming exercises. Adele's feelings of awkwardness about her family are made clear, and on her way home she encounters her old friend Aleef, who asks for help with a prediction. Adele is pleased that she can stall a little before going home and hopes to miss dinner.
0013 meri lin #7: what am i in for? An update on the couple's preparations ensues. Fred begins working longer hours to pay for the extra costs of preparing for a child, so Meri Lin is left alone more often . . . so of course she fills the time by reading about what could go wrong and worrying herself sick about it.
0014 adele #7: on destinyAdele predicts bad news for her friend Aleef--the boy she likes doesn't like her--and they talk about the pros and cons of knowing the future.
0015 meri lin #8: halfway there Fred and Meri Lin get excited over feeling the baby's first kicks, and discuss being in awe over making a new life. Fred sings (badly) to the baby, and in light of their continued arguments about the sex of the baby, they decide that when they go for the ultrasound, they want the medical staff to tell them what gender it is.
0016 adele #8: at home, but not First appearance of Adele's family. Adele thinks about her responsibilities as a prophet in relation to having told her friend to go after a different boy. She arrives home and encounters her little sister, who announces to the family that she is home (so she can't just pretend not to be there). She is forced by circumstance to join the family dinner, where her family members act as though they are glad she is there.
0017 meri lin #9: women's intuition Meri Lin and Fred see their child on the ultrasound machine and get the news that it's a girl. Fred teases Meri Lin that she must be psychic for "knowing" it's a girl, though she plays it off as women's intuition. She doesn't know how she knew either, but feels as though she did, even though she doesn't believe in ESP.
0018 adele #9: manners and morals Eating customs in dimension Ailashuo are revealed, including a flashback in which Adele broke them and angered her mother. In her thoughts, Adele acknowledges that she may not have to live by these rules in the future, but that she should do so now because she is still part of this family.
0019 meri lin #10: high-strung that wayMeri Lin's propensity for easy fainting is revealed when she does so after a nearby car accident startles her. She wonders if she will be an unfit mother because she passes out sometimes.
0020 adele #10: a little memento of meFirst appearance of Shelshay. Another flashback shows that Adele has been stuck with her family for the last three days, during which she decided to create some mementos for her family to give to them when she leaves the dimension forever. Finally she goes back to Tabitha's, and ends up seeing a couple of unfamiliar Shioan people waiting at the pool. One of them is a prophet girl.
0021 meri lin #11: a historic struggleMeri Lin reaches the third trimester and begins to suffer some of the un-fun things about pregnancy. And in birthing class, the videos of mothers giving birth disturb and inspire her.
0022 adele #11: a multi-dimensional proposalAdele has her first conversation with a Shioan prophet, and Shelshay is very enthusiastic and likeable. This girl is very inspired by the study of the dimensions, and is surprised that Adele has never been anywhere but Ailashuo. Shelshay convinces Adele that the two of them should ask her teacher for permission to go to Chiplance, a nearby dimension, as an educational field trip.
0023 meri lin #12: dreaming of my daughterMeri Lin has a dream that she's already had her baby, who looks exactly like her and suddenly begins growing up at an alarming rate. She wakes up suddenly when she realizes she can't remember most of her child's life, and realizes it's still the night before the baby shower. She acknowledges that she wants her daughter to hurry up, but not that fast!
0024 adele #12: lost in translationAdele brings Shelshay to Tabitha's teaching room, where the three discuss whether Adele can go to Chiplance. Tabitha only speaks English and Shelshay speaks only Shioan, so Adele is forced to translate what quickly becomes a passionate argument. But when Tabitha ends it by committing a supposedly unpardonable cultural sin and Shelshay responds by not getting angry but THANKING the teacher and leaving, Adele is the one who doesn't understand what was said. . . .
0025 meri lin #13: showerMeri Lin's baby shower involves lots of guests, food, and goodies, but unfortunately when her parents arrive, they bring bad news: They're moving back to China, and they're leaving before the baby will be born.
0026 adele #13: bringing a shadow to lightAdele demands answers about the intentional insult that Tabitha delivered to Shelshay, and Tabitha demands that Adele figure it out herself through a prophecy exercise. Adele feels like she's being bossed around and Tabitha feels like she's being sassed, but the two calm down and uncover the secret, and finally Adele understands the meaning of Tabitha's supposed insult. Tabitha tells Adele she needs to start finding her own answers, and drops a bomb: Adele just might be the best prophet the world has ever seen. Huh?
0027 meri lin #14: you still have meMeri Lin unloads her fears onto Fred, and he comforts her, saying he will be there for her even though her parents can't be. The episode ends with Meri Lin feeling a little better.
0028 adele #14: a sobering thoughtTabitha and Adele discuss Adele's potential and talent. Poor Adele is a bit bowled over by the idea that so much rides on her, but she is willing to start accepting her responsibilities. She asks for permission to go say a few words to Shelshay, and Tabitha lets her go.
0029 meri lin #15: stay calmThe day has finally come when Meri Lin's parents have left the country, and now she feels alone. She is about to call her sister when she experiences her first Braxton-Hicks contraction and mistakes it for early labor, which causes her to panic and pass out.
0030 adele #15: trust yourself moreAdele talks to Shelshay about what just happened with her teacher, and Shelshay admits that usually she's not taken very seriously. But she has some sage advice for Adele: That she should trust herself more than she trusts her teacher. Shelshay hints that Adele should investigate why Tabitha doesn't speak Shioan after living in the world for decades.
0031 meri lin #16: due dateMeri Lin's due date has come, but she shows no signs of needing to go the hospital. She starts threatening the baby out loud that she's going to be grounded for being late.
0032 adele #16: no one to talk toAdele talks to Tabitha about why she never learned Shioan. A discussion of the importance of being able to communicate ensues. Adele wants to know what she can expect to remember once she crosses over.
0033 meri lin #17: readyMeri Lin, now two weeks past due, is very tired of being pregnant and at her wit's end. She really wants to meet her daughter.
0034 adele #17: stale memoriesThe two prophets discuss the importance of memory, and how bringing a memento doesn't help to reclaim lost memories once they're erased the way dimensional travel erases them.
0035 meri lin #18: the rest of my lifeMeri Lin goes into labor, and Fred escorts her to the hospital in a cab. At first the labor pains are much less intense than she expected, but they quickly get worse, and Meri Lin worries. Once they enter the hospital, Meri Lin realizes that she will never be the same.
0036 adele #18: more than the mind can handleTabitha and Adele lay down a curriculum for Adele's prophecy works. They decide to focus on pebble divinations since they are very difficult but very useful for someone of Adele's caliber. They choose to do some exercises regarding the upcoming flash.
0037 meri lin #19: labor of loveMeri Lin's hours of labor are chronicled, and she philosophizes on the ups and downs of the process. At the end, she's on the brink of actually having the baby, but she passes out.
0038 adele #19: talent vs. wisdomSome realizations Adele has about the flash during practice really impress Tabitha, but she also has some advice and urges her student not to fall victim to biased prophecy.
0039 meri lin #20: she's perfectFirst appearance of Amanda. Meri Lin awakes with a start to find she's a mother. Fred, holding baby Amanda, explains that the child has a minor birth defect: She's missing pinkie fingers and pinkie toes, and otherwise she's healthy. Meri Lin looks her over and concludes, in typical new mommy fashion, that her baby is perfect. Lots of cute extras such as a footprint and a birth certificate, as well as some trivia, are included in this installment.
0040 adele #20: open doorsAdele's training goes on, and she improves by leaps and bounds, feeling more awake than ever before. At home, life is the same, and her family doesn't seem to realize something huge is approaching. Adele has a tender moment with her little sister, and wishes she would retain the ability to miss her once she's gone.
0041 meri lin #21: on exhibitThe usual newborn details are taken care of, and all kinds of medical people want to see Meri Lin's baby. The baby has strange hands and oversized eyes, which are the source of many comments and questions. Fred has to change the wording of their birth announcement, and Meri Lin supposes everyone will just have to get used to being on exhibit.
0042 adele #21: in a flashThe flash arrives, and Adele and her teacher follow its movement as it connects to different dimensions. But when it slips into Thee-ileo, the human dimension that Tabitha has not been to in decades, her teacher has an emotional reaction and Adele does not know how to comfort her.
0043 meri lin #22: bringing her homeThe Fisher-Ling family is at home once again, and they have visitors. Meri Lin is glad for the help, but irritated by all the attention. She just wants to be alone with her baby. She doesn't like some of the comments people make about Amanda's "quirky bits," and she's still coming to terms with being responsible for another life.
0044 adele #22: glimmers of the futureAdele and Tabitha bond over talk about living in a dimension other than their birth home, and they talk a little about Thee-ileo and its technology.
0045 meri lin #23: something about being a mommyMeri Lin realizes she loves being a mommy as Amanda enters her second week. She and Fred make mistakes and learn as they go. Meri Lin is concerned that her baby's ears, which she thought were just pinched from her newborn days, are going to stay that way--she looks like a baby elf. But she's healthy and happy, and Meri Lin knows they have a lot to be thankful for.
0046 adele #23: a bad feelingThe flash continues, and drastic changes occur in the pool's landscape. Adele follows its path to an unknown dimension and writes information about it into her journal. Then she gets a bad feeling that someone is going to go through the open pool from that distant dimension, which would result in profound memory loss. She mourns for whoever or whatever is going to go through this.
0047 meri lin #24: the most important thingLissa Lee comes to visit the new baby, and Meri Lin shows off her daughter's progress in learning to reach for toys. The sisters discuss their parents' move to China and the importance of the baby.
0048 weaver #1: enemy First appearance of Weaver and the Mysterious Man. Weaver--who doesn't have a name as such--finds himself floundering in a pond with no memories. Disoriented, he makes his way to the edge of the water, decides to take a nap to clear his head, and awakes to find himself captured by a mysterious stranger who took his sword and locked him in a birdcage.
0049 meri lin #25: a rational explanationFred and Meri Lin admire their baby before Fred goes to work, and then while Meri Lin is having her usual quiet morning, she hears unexplained noises from the baby's mobile (which had run out hours ago). She comes in to find the toys inexplicably swaying like they're in a stiff breeze, and then she senses a strange presence in the room and runs out with the baby, thinking the room is haunted.
0050 dax #1: small firesFirst appearance of Dax and the hippies. Dax--who doesn't have a name as such--finds himself climbing out of a lake and hiding in the long beach grass, watching some strange native creatures who are camping, smoking, eating, and drinking. Dax allows himself to be discovered, and the amiable hippies try to feed him. He takes this as a sign that they want to be friends, and resolves to try to learn.
0051 meri lin #26: just because you felt a breeze. . . .Meri Lin tries to tell Fred about her strange experience, but Fred laughs it off and says there aren't any ghosts just because she felt a breeze. Over the next few days she keeps noticing odd occurrences, which she ignores in the name of not being so jumpy, but when she hears even weirder noises--and finally a CRASH from the baby's room--she can't keep ignoring it. Finding the mobile pulled out of the ceiling and the toybox tipped over forces her to keep trying to find an explanation. . . .
0052 adele #24: one more honorAdele is back after having attended a prophet convention where she presented her findings on the new dimension. She has been given an award and also asked to name her find, and Tabitha refuses to let her name the dimension after her--she'd rather Adele use her name for a child. Tabitha suggests Adele ask Shelshay for help naming the dimension since the Shioan prophet has such an interest in such things.
0053 meri lin #27: catching it in the actFred didn't believe her again, so Meri Lin is left noticing odd occurrences and not knowing what to do about them. She keeps finding open windows and missing items, and wonders why she never catches this "ghost" in the act. And then she does. A book is floating over her baby's crib. She manages to not faint and save her baby, and then she determines that she has to find out what is in her house.
0054 weaver #2: civilizedWeaver becomes irate in his cage and struggles for a way to show his captor that he is civilized. He objects to having nowhere to go to the bathroom, so he does his business in the food tray, trying to communicate with the mysterious man. Eventually the man tries to talk to him and he learns a few simple words for food, and then he gets a real treat: A television remote control.
0055 meri lin #28: thank godAfter some dead ends with New Age consultants, Meri Lin manages to find a couple of men from the church who agree to come and exorcise the demons from her home. They end up witnessing a ball moving by itself and attack it with holy water and Bible verses. Meri Lin is relieved that she is no longer alone.
0056 adele #25: judgment callAdele visits a jealous and excited Shelshay, who gives her the inspiration she needs to come up with a name for the new dimension. She names it Leisheilo, Shioan for "place of cooperation," because of its two native species.
0057 meri lin #29: in her eyesThe ball begins moving again despite the mini-exorcism, at which point one of the church men notice that Amanda's eyes are tracking it. They connect it with the baby and ask a lot of questions, trying to figure out if the baby is possessed. During an experiment during which Amanda is teased with her favorite toy being put out of her reach, the toy mysteriously floats into her arms, which makes the church men insist on a full proper exorcism. Meri Lin rejects this and kicks them out, having decided that the look in her baby's eyes was nothing but innocent. She isn't possessed; she just apparently has some kind of special powers. Meri Lin is full of questions without answers once again. . . .
0058 dax #2: adopted sonThe hippies discuss Dax and reveal that he can talk a little (he's a fast learner). Dax decides he is hungry and hunts a rabbit, then realizes he has a strong feeling that he must honor the creature's spirit with a prayer.
0059 meri lin #30: this changes everythingMeri Lin goes to the library and researches unexplained phenomena, settling on ESP books that tell her about the mysterious power of telekinesis. It sounds like what she's witnessed her baby performing, but what scares her is that there don't seem to be any documented cases. Her baby is one of a kind. She doesn't know what to do, but knows she can't let anyone find out. . . .
0060 adele #26: "forever" sounds so finalAdele brings Tabitha up to speed on the dimension's new name and starts talking about wanting to have lunch with Shelshay, but Tabitha slaps her with a reality check and says she has no more time for lunch dates. Her departure time is coming up fast. Adele can't imagine being okay with the fact that she is going to lose Tabitha.
0061 meri lin #31: we're in this togetherMeri Lin has to break the news to Fred, who denies that anything odd is going on even when he sees it with his own eyes. Meri Lin encourages him to play with her until he believes it, at which point they will have to have a discussion about the future. She really wants him to figure out what they should do, but for the moment, she has to be the strong one.
0062 weaver #3: my favorite channelWeaver discovers the human world through the magic of television. He attempts to learn words and mostly finds himself lost in the programs but interested all the same. When he comes upon a show that features "adult" images, he decides the "filth" channel is his favorite.
0063 meri lin #32: the best for herFred admits to Meri Lin that Amanda is a superbaby, and he says he thinks she'll grow out of it. Meri Lin makes him promise that the two of them will not let anyone find out about their daughter's powers in case scary people want to take her away.
0064 adele #27: feeling beautifulTabitha ends one of Adele's daily lessons by encouraging her to figure out what traditional gifts she's going to give her future students. She shows a flashback of her own gifts--human clothing Tabitha gave her--and decides to make special bracelets for her own mentees.
0065 meri lin #33: my kitty-cat babyMeri Lin slowly gets used to her baby's growing tendency to levitate everything in sight, and the baby's independence saddens her. (She prefers a bottle to breastfeeding because she can hold it herself.) While trying to teach Amanda to hold the bottle with her hands, she ends up watching the baby open the bottle with her powers and dump milk all over herself. Meri Lin feels sad that the baby is only dependent on her when she wants to be.
0066 dax #3: in respect One of the hippie girls objects to Dax's having killed a bunny, and Dax wants to make sure she knows he was respectful in his hunt. He shows all the hippies what he did to pay homage to the rabbit and Mother Earth, and finds that the hippies respect him for it.
0067 meri lin #34: necessary evilsMeri Lin has kept Amanda out of the public eye since discovering her talent, but now she has to take her to the doctor for immunizations, and doesn't know how to keep her from levitating things. She manages to distract her by playing with her constantly, but when the baby gets the shot, her startle reflex engages and crunches a lightbulb, showing Meri Lin that the child can be destructive when she's hurt or surprised.
0068 adele #28: excuses for togethernessAdele's mother asks Adele to be present for a family portrait, which Adele realizes is probably the last time they'll all be together.
0069 meri lin #35: two milestonesAmanda sits up without having ever rolled over. Meri Lin decides to try to feed her solid food, leading to the discovery that Amanda loves peaches. Meri Lin is happy to be able to put some "normal" milestones in the baby book.
0070 weaver #4: attention-getting wordsThrough the power of closed-captioning, Weaver discovers he can read a little bit. He uses some of the words he's learned to demand the right to take a bath, and his jailer throws his cage in the bathroom. There, he cleans himself under the faucet and tries to fly up to the shower curtain rod to take a nap, but disturbingly he realizes he hasn't opened his wings in weeks and thus can no longer fly. He is understandably enraged at this.
0071 meri lin #36: just wowMeri Lin continues to see her daughter doing new and amazing things with her telekinetic powers, such as playing with toys and books and making whirlpools in the bathtub. She's a bit awed and scared, and wonders about what the future will be like for a person with such a power.
0072 adele #29: my first studentAdele and Tabitha discuss Adele's future as a prophecy teacher, and how she'll know she's ready to teach.
0073 meri lin #37: learning the rulesAfter witnessing Amanda levitating a CAT from the other side of a window, Meri Lin wonders about the "rules" for her daughter's power and tries to figure out whether the ability depends on sight. She attempts to encourage the baby to play with toys using her hands only, but is unsuccessful.
0074 dax #4: just say noThe hippie girl who was disgusted by Dax's kill in the last episode has now warmed up to him and is trying to make him talk. Later the hippies go swimming, and Dax thinks it's interesting that the girls take off their clothes, but he also thinks it makes them rather uncivilized. He would never disrobe in front of others.
0075 meri lin #38: disciplineWith Fred's help, Meri Lin decides it's time for Amanda to stop grabbing the baby food with her powers. It makes Meri Lin sad when they have to yell and clap their hands to make their baby obey them, but it does seem to work; she lets Mommy feed her instead of doing it herself, which is a small victory.
0076 adele #30: one of several goodbyesAdele's last night at home involves giving out her mementos, talking to her parents and siblings, and having a few confusing and sad moments with her baby sister, who can't sleep because Adele is leaving.
0077 meri lin #39: even if they're familyLissa Lee wants to visit the Fisher-Lings, but Meri Lin lies and says she can't because Fred and Amanda have mono. Of course, she's really hiding the truth about the baby's powers from her sister, even though she's family. Meri Lin gets upset that the baby's freedom depends on their success or failure in teaching her to behave, and she thinks it's terrible that Lissa Lee is going to miss Amanda's babyhood.
0078 weaver #5: reaching for the skyDetermined to regain his ability to fly, Weaver does stretching exercises in his cage as much as possible, and every time he's released into the bathroom to take his shower, he attempts flying. This time he finally succeeds for a short distance and hangs on the shower curtain rod. He's more determined than ever.
0079 meri lin #40: the idea of herMeri Lin takes pictures of Amanda for her mother, and philosophizes about what would happen if the outside world found out about her daughter's telekinetic powers.
0080 adele #31: the right to rememberA note from her friend Aleef makes Adele long to take her memories of her home world with her. Against Tabitha's advice, Adele decides to squirrel away a few mementos and begins writing a letter to herself in a secret journal so that she will have some link to her past once she crosses over.
0081 meri lin #41: for real and for sureAfter consulting with Fred, Meri Lin decides to call some people who know about parapsychology and see if she can discreetly get any ideas about how to raise her baby.
0082 dax #5: i trust themDax helps the hippies pack up their stuff and load it into their van. They talk amongst themselves and decide to invite him along. The van is a foreign concept to Dax, but he trusts his companions enough to enter it.
0083 meri lin #42: getting stuckMeri Lin is disturbed by Amanda's new habit of making things move back and forth while she's trying to go to sleep. While trying to stop the baby from doing it one day, she finds that her daughter can stop her from stopping her, and wonders how to proceed in discipline from that point.
0084 adele #32: last lessonAdele reflects on her departure ceremony, then is informed by Tabitha that she's not yet ready to depart. Tabitha has discovered her secret journal and is not happy that she tried to take it with her.
0085 meri lin #43: she said it and she meant itMeri Lin takes a vacation to visit her sister, leaving Amanda with Fred. She shows off photos and alleviates missing her daughter with a phone call, during which she learns that Amanda has said her first word.
0086 weaver #6: nothing to laugh aboutWeaver decides to use his newfound "filth" words to leave disgusting written messages for his jailer. He makes a sarcastic comment, and while the captor does not appreciate it, he is impressed with Weaver's speech and decides to try to teach him language on purpose.
0087 meri lin #44: outComing back from her sister's on the bus, Meri Lin sees a mother and child getting attention, and wishes her child could be taken in public. After a joyful reunion with her family, Meri Lin stubbornly decides to take Amanda out to a park, and lets her play with another little girl. She remembers through experience that the kind of attention SHE gets is not quite the same as other mothers since she has a peculiar child, and the playdate ends when Meri Lin has them make a quick exit after making a lame excuse to cover up one of Amanda's "tricks."
0088 adele #33: transformTabitha gives Adele some perspective on why taking her journal with her to the new world is not allowed, and leaves her to meditate, assigned to figure out how to take the most important things with her despite having to leave the book. Adele comes to some interesting conclusions on how to get her memories to be transformed instead of preserved.
0089 meri lin #45: good dayAfter experiencing some rather irrational anger in response to a bad day, Meri Lin resolves to try to have a good day, and attempts to revise her expectations and attitude toward her special child.
0090 dax #6: a new personDax experiences a ride in a vehicle for the first time, and goes with his hippie friends to "the ranch," where he meets and is marginally accepted by the host of the property.
0091 meri lin #46: about timeMeri Lin and Fred come up with a way to tempt Amanda to learn to crawl. But in their exuberance in celebrating the baby's new skill, they end up having to clean up baby puke.
0092 adele #34: a different embraceAdele gears up to leave her home world, has a last few emotional exchanges with Tabitha, discusses the role of emotion in prophecy, and . . . goes through the pool to arrive in the human world.
0093 meri lin #47: another year wiserAmanda's first birthday celebration! The Fisher-Ling family celebrates Amanda's turning one, and Meri Lin reflects on what effects her baby's arrival has had in the year she's been alive. She also makes some predictions and has some reflections about the future.
0094 weaver #7: overheardWeaver meets a new human for the first time--the Mysterious Man's nephew, who is surprised by Weaver's intelligence and challenges his uncle on why he would keep him in a cage. Weaver overhears a conversation between the two of them that reveals that he is a prisoner because the Mysterious Man thinks he would attack him if he was free and had access to his sword. The conversation reveals where his sword is hidden. Weaver is pleased by his new knowledge--and happy that the nephew apparently believes he should be free.
0095 meri lin #48: in reachMeri Lin is disturbed by her baby's unusually fussy behavior, but soon realizes Amanda is just irritable because she's begun to cut teeth.
0096 adele #35: all that i haveAfter arriving in the human world Adele attempts to figure out her situation. She is confused as to why there is no one to help her, but when she thinks about seeking assistance, she gleans that she is now an alien in a hostile world, and quickly realizes she has nothing and no one to help her but her own intuition.
0097 meri lin #49: even soAmanda's teething doesn't cause constant tantrums, but the baby does seem more irritable than usual on occasion. She is becoming a bit more forceful with her will, and Fred responds by smacking her hand during mealtime, which subdues her. Meri Lin reflects on her love for her daughter and all her quirky bits.
0098 dax #7: two times overDax describes having made himself at home in a barn and talking to his companions. He asks one girl to help him learn to read, and finds that there is no word for either his type of creature or his individual self. He wonders why he came to such a world.
0099 meri lin #50: no excuse, that's whatAfter too many rain checks and excuses, Meri Lin meets with a friend she's been ignoring and also makes a new acquaintance. The two women make it very clear that they want to meet her baby and won't take no for an answer, and Meri Lin simply runs out of excuses and can't bring herself to stand up to them to preserve the baby's secret. The visit is cut short when Amanda, who now takes off her diaper whenever she can, makes a mess on Fred's arm and requires a bath.
0100 adele #36: ready or notAdele begins to draft a plan to get herself a place to sort through her options. She decides she'll need to acquire some money to rent a hotel room, and sets her destination at the nearest town.

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