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Logge dee! i really enjoyed this one it was so cul i like the look where she has an x in her eye well neway youre prolly busy so i will leave you with this sweet sentiment thx for stopping by e mail me sometime bye
What a great comic this is, Shelshay is really an interesting character and quite cute, and Adele we all know she is! I find it quite refreshing the way the story is getting deeper and deeper with each installment, I like the added bonus of new characters being put into the fold even more so when they are given such personality and detail by you! I find that some comics seem to dwell on many things that I would consider useless matter but again you have excelled at not letting that be the case and leaving the reader to enjoy a fresh installment each week with a smaller piece of the big picture.
Another thing that I can say is that your comic unlike others for the most part has been unpredictable, and leaves me with a sense of mystery, not found in a lot of the other doldrum comics that have been out, I am quite appreciative of this small piece of work and will continue to see what you mind and talented drawing have to offer me each passing week. It is AWESOME!!!!!!

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