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You are very good for somebody who hasn't done a lot of drawing in their lifetime. The way you handled the neck muscles in frame four is something a lot of self-proclaimed cartoonists would not have paid attention to or think about too often. And I loved the last frame.:)
Let me say WOW! I love the incredible detail in all the frames, I think that the outstanding drawings are frames 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 12, I think the close up of Meri Lin's face is spectacular and of course the eye such detail and for cuteness I would have to say the sleeping frame #3 was just awesome, I think that you have this great ability to capture the moment with each part of this story. The true caring and love that is given to this story and its characters really show and with such vivid detail! And I think that I need as well to mention the last two frames and word block at the end was well said and well received. I would also like to bring mention that with this installment you were quite able to show the beautiful glow of an expecting mother once again. A truly fantastic installment.
I am looking forward to the next! ! ! ! ! Is it Friday yet? ? ? ?

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