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Oh yeah the good stuff! This installment of Negative One, is perhaps my favorite thus far, the drawings are quite awesome, Adele is growing in detail and depth and more of her personality and features come out. I love the detail poured into her and the facial expressions are just perfection, as you have captured emotion and thought from a pencil.
(she is quite cute in this one)

With that said let me go on to drawings, while all the frames are great I will say that 4 is the best........... And once again I like the way that the small frame boxes were added to this installment. I think that it adds much to the story and helps immensely with the emotion in the dialog. It adds a real flavor to the comic. And adds so much.

The story becomes more interesting and can give a real feeling of anticipation, it really grabs you!!!!!

The dialog of the installment with the drawings makes a perfect match to get the true feeling of what is seen and felt, the anger the frustration the mystery and the calming that still surrounds part of the story is being well received and understood.
I guess in simple a perfect mesh of words and drawings that leaves no question unanswered as to its intentions of what the true feeling of the scene is a truly awesome rendering of this has been accomplished through your talent.

This in short is awesome I am so very happy to enjoy this each and every Friday, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The many faces of Adele and Tabitha! The third frame from the top is my favorite, where Adele looks surprised and those "action lines" surrounding her. The hair movement is real purty. I also like the first Tabitha icon picture, where she's saying, "That's right." It's very poignant. Sometimes the quality of the facial expression slips and isn't really expressive, but darn it, drawing real faces is HARD. So, great work this week with faces. :)

And, finally! I've been waiting for the answer to that, "what the hell is going on here?" question that Adele posed in her last comic. The explanation is satisfying and makes this culture readers know very little about all the more rich and interesting.

Adele's confusion and questioning herself as well as Tabitha's comments on her progress as a prophet is touching and I can sympathize. It's always great to relate to characters you like. ::grin:: 'Til next time!

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