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Fresh from the pencil, Must be Friday. Adele's world sure is an interesting one and with more of each installment I have a want and need to explore it more, I think that the dialog that was given for this installment along with its drawings were a perfect mesh of the mystery and emotion that is within the character of Adele, I think frame 9 was simple but perfect. I know it sparked a little thought into me anyway.

And once again the dialog of Negative One as well as its drawings are a true mark of dedication and talent. And I for one enjoy it to no end. And will continue to seek its presence every Friday with more and more enthusiasm.

Oh YEAH and I wanted to say: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!I NEEDED MY Negative One fill and I got it !
I like frame 2 (The top right one). Nice drawing!!!
Adele's clever way of asking that question brought a smile to my face. 'Cause I do that sort of thing a lot. My favorite frame is the second one; Adele looks particularly youthful and pretty in that one, while my least favorite frame is the one under it. Tabitha's face looks kind of scrunched while her neck sticks out at a funny angle.

Now you've got my interest peaked in settlements. That would make a great mini-arc or separate series, wouldn't it? Humans, brought over into an alien land, dealing with separation and culture. Maybe a little generic and sci fi, though.

This isn't really a "throw yourself off" cliffhanger but yeah, since I've read some of the Ivy series, I'm going to enjoy hearing more about what Adele will be able to remember. :) 'Til next time. And Happy Holidays!

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