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Ah, yes the baby shower, another well crafted installment of Negative One. I shall give praise for where praise is due, first I would like to say I really liked the structure of this installment: the changing boxes for single guests. And the changed wording for the heavy Chinese accent was well though as I think that it adds much to the over all appearance and understanding of the heavy accent great job!!!!

I also think that I need to bring light to another little something that I have found a great liking for with the ever building story of Negative One, Meri Lin: it seems that with each installment of her share of the story and her coming birth she seems to have that glow each new time I see her and the internal dialog and narration of this comic really shows the emotion and thought behind every word it truly shows the length of talent and dedication that you have given this and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

And last but not least I need to bring attention to the drawings themselves, with all the glowing characteristics that can be seen and to some degree felt I think you have quite captured the very essence of an expecting mother. While 1, 2, 9, and 11 are my favorite frames, it would not be right to add notice to the others 10, and 6 are also great and the shower guest frames, it really shows the attention to detail!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job keep it up!!!!!!!!!! you rule!!!!!!!!!

Aww..she's so cute...poor Meri Lin. :(
I've never noticed Meri Lin's hair until you have her in that swinging "how do I look?" pose. That's my favorite part. (And such a cute maternity dress--you did a nice job with those "folds" in her dress.) You have a talent with facial expressions, as exemplified by the close-ups of the guests.

I have one *small* criticism of the drawings--in panel 7 (the 7th drawn frame) where Meri Lin is sitting. The lady sitting next to her doesn't look like she's sitting... is she leaning? It's just an awkward pose that draws attention away from the rest of the panel.

Excellent writing. (I expected nothing less). Poor Meri Lin! Can't wait for the next comic; you've created characters that I can care about.

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