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Wow, and wow once again, this was an absolute fantastic installment of your most genius comic.
I would like to give some extreme praise on the drawings, as you have seemed to be able to capture moments of subtle action and emotion which comes as no surprise. "ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE DRAWINGS," as with them all, I also find appreciation in the details of eyes and mouths found in the smaller blocks, GREAT DETAIL. The script for this installment is also so very worthy of mention, as with the dialog that seems to come from the pen of an expert. And in case I have never said this I would like you to know that I am quite taken with your comic "I love it" And a small pardon for repeating myself but awesome job on the drawings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As I've said, I shall stop being an inarticulate reader, and give my comments!

This is an irregular comic compared to the ones before it, with a different layout for text and drawing. I think you adapted well to more text and it was really kind of refreshing to see a new kind of layout for your comic. (The close-up of facial features as icons for who was speaking was especially nice--I noticed how the text changed with different languages/speaking characters and think that was v. helpful in reading it.)

Your "sketch realism" style has been improving and in this comic, I notice the mannerisms of each character in more clarity. For insance, in the first two panels: Tabitha is sitting down, looking very much the mentor, and Adele looks down a little, like she's showing Tabitha her respect while introducing her friend--Shelshay, who doesn't look too respectful--not disrespectful, though. It's good stuff; there is some questionable nitpicks I have, but I think you'll improve with that on your own.

And finally, the writing: This is where you *really* strut your stuff. Especially enjoy the cliffhanger--that last sentiment from Adele sums it right up. I want to know more about Shelshay's ethnicity and this shadow custom and... humph. Nice hook.

There you have it: sorry this is so long. I'll try to keep it under control next time. :P

Sushaifa, Ivy! Naida falaitha tailah? Tabitha da amisha namai-suo??
AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! (Ew. Gross.)

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