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Not sure what it is, but this has been my favorite comic so far out of the entire series.
Hmm, Shelshay is young, hyper and tiny and thinks this makes it hard for her to get respect. Is that telling? Sushaifa! I think I can see through Adele's robes in panel 2! Adele da namaisu?
..."On the other hand." This was one very cute very installment of Negative One, some of the lines are quite awesome. First I would like to give mention to the dialog, as always a beautiful wording, to any story comic or book it adds so much and you have certainly accomplished this in Negative One in this installment as well as the rest.

I also like to mention the details given to even the smallest of all drawing (as with the hair), I think that can add so much to a story and I am glad that you were sure to add such details. And speaking of such details the close ups of the faces in 5&6 are just great and for just pure cuteness 7,8,9, I would have to add leave none missing from the frames, and the last frame (#10) the expression is one that is worthy of mention.

It seems that more and more each week I am becoming more addicted to this brilliant little story rendered in comic form, and I think I have learned all too well that your talent for a great story filled with details will have me always eagrly awaiting to see what next is in store from the creative mind of yours thanks for 30 great installments of Negative One as I will look forward to many more! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

More Shelshay! That's great. She's has this extremely likable quality. And I can identify with her, too. Doesn't hurt that she's extremely cute--she has a wonderfully distinct character design.

This is familiar territory. Lots of closeup dialogue character-interaction, which I'm begining to think is your speciality. Who'da thunk it? Lovely, good stuff.

Looking forward to learning more about Tabitha and Adele. :)

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