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This installment promotes a real feel of confusion and emotion to start with it has a defined feel more so than those that have come before it, within the words and depth of emotion instilled within the drawings.

I think the drawings of this installment have taken a new step in the emotions of worry, frame 10 really just says it all. I can say with all certainty I can feel and understand what was given to this and I can say I am most appreciative of how it was done. It truly shows a great deal of talent to be quite able to catch this in drawings and words, and with that bit of miscommunicating done on my part, I will proceed to the frames themselves. Frame 10 as mentioned awesome job! But give mention to 1, 4, & 7 as well while I think that all deseerve mention including frame 2 with the phone in all its simple state looks great as well, (yeah I even mentioned the phone)......And a special mention to frame 6 as well, I think that this just well captures a moment. Thanks for sharing what you have so talently created. I look forward to the next!!

Alright! This one has peaked my interest again! I really like the art work in the last frame. Your drawing consistency has been really good for such a young comic as well. Keep up the good work!
I have read this since you started, but since I don't really have any expertise in this type of art, I can't really find it my place to critique anything. The story is very close to mine, so much so that it unnerves me at times, hurts at others, as well as brings back some joyful memories. You have a wonderful talent for eliciting emotion.
Poor Meri Lin! Her anxiety is conveyed through both writing and drawing... I used to draw pregnant women all the time (it was a phase, I think) and Meri Lin is given just the appropiate roundness that I associate with 9-months.

Nice job. :) Can't say much else besides kudos!

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