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Perfection in pencil again another Friday another great installment of Negative One, for this installment while the drawings are much perfection in details notable Adele I think what really sticks out in this particular installment is the dialog.

With that said I will say this, coming from the heart of a writer it is most filled with all the perfection that always seems to come from you, a master mix of words and emotions that really grab the reader and entices the story to dare to read me. I LOVE IT!

The drawings are of course like I mentioned perfection and you give great justice to Adele, and the others. Adele is just awesome with her emotions and actions as always: 1,3,7,8,and 9 are in this reader's opinions the best as always I love the details of the eye! Fantastic detail to attention and once again Adele (so cute)!!!!!

Thanks for it all. Looking forward to the next installment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adele looks cute. Nice shading!! :)
Compared with the drawings in Adele #13, this is much improved. The lines are smoother and the shading, more even. That brings to mind that maybe this is fitting; Adele #13 had more tension between Tabitha and Adele, with the both of them standing opposite each other and harsher lines on the drawings. In Adele #14, these lines are softened and Adele and Tabitha are seen together within the panels. (Adele looks really cute in the first panel, by the way!)

I like that Adele has more monologue than usual this time. It offers more insight into her feelings, which is what I really care about. Awesome writing, as usual.

I also get to see Shelshay again later. That makes my day. I think this is one of the best comics Ivy's done so far, drawing and writing considered. :)

So she understood the context of the shadow thing 2 and 4 pages ago, not because she knew from research, but because she's psychic? That took a while to catch onto, and explains the oddness of her thinking speaking another language would be easier than random cultural things.

Like, if that were a case, a bunch of weaboos would be speaking perfectly fluent japanese and be clueless about random Japanese pop culture, instead of the opposite.

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