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This was one very cute very funny installment of Negative One, the drawings of expression are quite awesome and really capture the story. The frames, while all say a lot, I think the 4, 5, 6, & 7 really say it all from the beginning of the thought to the end, it was extremely cute and gave me a laugh and a smile. (Thanks) A super wow to 5 love that expression!

And to also add I think the detail that has been given to Meri Lin again is a reflection of your dedication and talent to this ongoing project such as the small things that really add to the drawing themselves such as the hair and the glow of a mother to be, I for one can appreciate the small but most important details.

In short I would like to thank you once again for another installment of Negative One, with my continuing want and need for further installments to continue the enjoyment of this great little story. Looking forward to the next and looking forward to the arrival of the Baby :)

After the intensely anxious scenes of Meri Lin #15, installment (to use Mikey's term :D) #16 adds "break" of humor to the baby situation. It's adorable, it induces giggles, and therefore much loved by a fluff fan like me.

On the more technical level---sweet hairstyle! One of my favorites to wear, tee hee. Okay, maybe that wasn't technical; however, it would be great if the first two panels were as "dark" as the following frames. By that I mean bolder outlines for the calendar and suitcase. Just a small, itty bitty thing. It doesn't make much difference, really, just a small nitpick dealing with consistency.

I hope Meri Lin doesn't black out again...

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