Negative One Celebrates Five Years

Hey guys! The exciting five-year anniversary has come and gone, and now I have some great things to share with you! (If you want to see the original announcement with the cute little drawings of the characters imploring people to send nice notes, fanart, fanfiction, or whatever else, that document is now archived here.)

Please continue to send cool stuff to me at, because quite a few people have told me they're sending late stuff! If you send a submission, you will be featured in the fanart gallery or the fanfiction archive as applicable!

First, let's examine what five years of Negative One means to me.

Seven large art foldersA mighty stack of paper
I made a cake.No you can't have any.

Also, I made this tribute video for Ivy!

Now for the stuff sent by fans so far!


My mom doesn't read the comic, but she knows how important it is to me, and she sent me this beautiful potted plant (a "dish garden") and the super-sweet accompanying note!

And Mike sent me a visor he made himself, with a funny accompanying card:


These are now up in the fanfiction archive, but you can see older submissions at the link!


This is Corinne's contribution, depicting Meri Lin and her daughter being reunited!

Trading Card Set: by Jessie of

Reeny's Paint drawing of Ivy and Dax.

Hand-made photo frame that was engraved and decorated by SHO!, and the drawings in the frames were also done by him. Here you can see a shot of the whole frame; the anniversary message, engraved; the inscription "Since May 20, 2005," engraved; the back of the frame with marker logos from SHO!; the pencil drawing of Adele; and the pencil drawing of baby Amanda.

Silverpaperplate painted Dax on canvas using acrylics and gold paint. To see the frame and detail in its full glory, you've got to blow this up, because there's a lot more to it . . . please see its DeviantART home to leave some comments if you like, or (better yet!) you can see the cool video she made documenting her progress on the painting at every step, here on YouTube.

These are now up in the fanart gallery, but you can see older submissions at the link!

I can't wait to see more fanfiction and fanart from you guys who told me it was coming late . . . don't worry, there's no deadline, and there's always space for you in my galleries!

Thanks so much for making my five-year anniversary so much fun.

Contact swankivy with any questions or requests.

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