Negative One Contests

Here are the contests that have run in honor of special occasions and landmarks for Negative One!

10-Year Contest: New Quiz and Contribution Drive!

Readers could celebrate by taking a new quiz, contributing to the fanart and fanfic galleries, sending me gifts, submitting interview questions to the characters, and comment on issues. Winners got to pick from gift certificates, custom art, and Negative One merch.

Check out Ten-Year Contest to see the winners and other entries, and follow links to take the quiz.

Five-Year Anniversary: Contribution Drive!

There was no actual contest or prizes for this, but I don't have anywhere else that I put fun things I do for landmarks. ^__^ When hitting five years, I set up an announcement and encouragement for readers to send me a note or contribute fanart or fanfiction, and if they did they got featured on the celebration page as well as put into the fanart gallery and fanfiction archives.

Check out Five-Year Celebration Page!

200th Issue Contest: Interview a Character!

During this contest, readers submitted questions to the Negative One characters. Each question was counted as an entry into the contest. The winner-picking procedure was random, and there were three winners. Contest was run in honor of the 200th issue, and all participants got a free sticker if they sent their address! Amazing!

Check out 200th Issue Contest!

3-Year Contest: Fill In the Talk Bubble!

This contest, held in honor of the three-year anniversary of Negative One, offered four clips of comic art with blank talk bubbles, and readers filled them and submitted them for a chance to win.

Check out Three-Year Contest to see winners and other entries and find out what they won.

100th Issue Contest: Trivia Quiz!

For this contest, held in honor of the 100th issue of the comic, readers took a long and difficult trivia quiz, and I rewarded the top three scores with prizes. (Two people got perfect scores, and two people missed one; I had to do a coin toss to get my third winner, so that was totally by chance.)

See the winners and their prizes here, and follow links to the quiz and a character poll.


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