Negative One Poem

Ivy the Flying Baby

By Reeny

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Ivy The Flying Baby:

My eyes are wide and bright and green
I have the cheeky smile of a cute sweet baby
Eight little fingers and eight little toes
I eat when I have to and laugh at a joke
But I hold a secret not many people know
I levitate upwards and fly away
High above the streets and the city
The sky above is where I can be myself
The place that I am most at home
The ground is sometimes a scary place
Amongst the clouds my problems are not my own
With the wind rushing past my ears I think
In the air I will never feel alone

They point and stare because I'm different
They gawk and talk, it's hard to know
Who to trust when you're someone so special
They seem pretty harmless but they won't easily let me go
They run to the door to watch
As I escape their grasp and leave their vicinity
Sometimes I wish I was like everyone else
But then if I was I wouldn't be me

My name is Ivy I am a baby who made history
I have superpowers that you've never seen
And if you think my elf ears are fascinating
You should see what I can do if you decide to pull them
I'll send you flying over the railing
Without even using my hands
Mennie is my friend, she's tough but sweet
She'll always help me find my feet
Around my neck I wear her pink necklace
One day she'll give the blue one too, I am sure of it!
The clouds are parting, the blue sky is showing
Off for some adventures before the rain starts pouring
The sky above is never judging
It comforts and loves, its' wide open arms hug me
I wish I could stay up here forever
Nest in a cloud watching the chaos down below
But now it's time for me to go
Back to the ground, the dust and the floor
I'll be back to visit you tomorrow
And you'll see my smile whizzing past for sure

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