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INFO: This quiz was originally launched along with the 99th issue to celebrate the 100th, and it involved a prize giveaway. The prizes are no longer available but the quiz is still here, just for fun. If you're curious, the winners are here.

ANSWERS: ALL of the answers to this quiz are found somewhere in the comic's storyline OR the info pages. You do NOT have to know anything about the creator that is outside the Negative One page (though a question or two from the "creator" and "faq" pages may show up), and you do NOT have to know about the other related storylines such as The House That Ivy Built. There will be some whose answers you will want to double-check, no doubt, so please remember that there are lots of info pages to help you. The comic's archive has available the character biographies for specific character questions and a couple of synopsis pages, either by character or in order so you can remember what happened when without having to page through every issue to find it. (People who haven't read the comic are unlikely to be able to find all the answers in the info pages, but those who have read the comic all along will be able to pick up enough from the synopses to say "oh yeah, that one!")

PUBLIC INFORMATION: Your answers on individual questions will NOT be posted and attributed to you, so don't be worried about missing any. Perfect scores will be honored here. (Getting a perfect score isn't the simplest thing in the world, though. And keep in mind that in my college years I took a whole class on how to write tests, so even though much of it is multiple choice, it's not always easy!) Please put the name you want to be listed on the page if you're a perfect scorer, along with the link you want next to you.


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