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I'm swankivy, the person who draws this mess. I do have a main page with a special about me section, but I'll give you the basics here.

Writing is kinda my thing. I've done a LOT of dabbling (including a bunch of novels, six of which involved these webcomic characters), and then I started to get pretty serious about it and managed to get an agent and sell some stuff. I don't want to go into too much detail about my writing career here, but my professional author site can fill you in. I'm always working on a new novel; I've written a few dozen short stories (and sold a few); and I like to write essays, articles, and long nonfiction.

I like to draw, but have never taken lessons or attempted to access professional guidance. (I know it shows.) I've always been a doodler and sometimes I enjoy using art to figure out what my fictional characters look like. I have a second webcomic about being an author. It's called So You Write. My comprehensive art site is elsewhere. Check it out for other artistic attempts, fanart, and character sketches.

I'm a decent musician. I majored in music in college (instrument: voice, but I play a few others). It's fun to fart around making recordings and mixing them. Some of my recordings are available, and you can also watch me perform as the lead singer of my cover band.

Other than that, I like reading, baking, gardening, playing DDR, and editing.

Pleased to meet you.

And yes, I love babies. This one isn't mine. I borrowed him from the BFF. Isn't he cute? Don't worry, he doesn't fly or anything.

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