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Discussion question of the week:
The Devil You Know

It's clear Melanie's home life isn't great, but in this week's issue she was more willing to deal with it than risk braving the streets permanently. Are you currently, or have you been in the past, in a bad situation that you continue to tolerate because it's preferable to facing the unknown?


Mmph. Now *I* want cereal! I got all the ingredients ready to make pizza and now I will pass it up for some Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Foo!

Anyway, I never even considered Mennie chickening out and not realizing that Amanda had left her. Good show for the author, situation resolved without bad feelings.


Ivy's innocence is such a beautiful thing. It's nice how Ivy gave Mennie a hug even though she doesn't seem to always enjoy them, well in one of the comics Mennie was hugging her and she really want it so it's lovely she went over and hugged her, so cute.
M. Lee10/23/108:29
I'm glad Mennie didn't have any real traumatic experience, but it was a bit anti-climactic^^; Had she followed through, I could see where her family's searching for her might have brought the aforementioned crappiness to light, and perhaps pulled them closer together. lol, though I guess that's already been done enough with Ivy's folks to make it appear something of a re-run.
Poor Melanie. I'm glad she decided not to run away, and I'm even more glad The Resa will be returning!

Both characters are really well-drawn in this issue.

Mennie's ditching school to take care of Ivy has brought me perspective on all those kids that never seem to be in class. Most of them are just "bad kids" as they are judged to be, but you never know. I love reading this comic; it makes me think. Thank you and keep it up ;D
Stuart Gathman10/27/1010:09
Most schools are so awful, I have nothing but sympathy for those skipping. This doesn't seem to be a recent or American thing either. Read Roald Dahl's description of his sadistic school experiences. Or consider the plight of Dickens characters. I spent my high schools days in the library. I was fortunate to be able to learn more than enough in the library to ace math and science exams. (Other subjects were harder.)

Institutional schools all have a style that is tailored to somebody - perhaps they are super strict because some kids need that. But it seems like most of the kids don't fit the style at their institution.

I generally recommend home school, as instruction can be tailored to the child's learning style and temperament. But if your parents are as problematic as Melanies seem to be, that doesn't work either.

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