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Discussion question of the week:
Sharing Beliefs

How comfortable are you with sharing your spiritual, religious, or philosophical beliefs with others? Do you only discuss these sorts of things with your closest friends/family, or would you tell/have you told schoolmates, co-workers, or acquaintances?


M. Lee10/15/104:43
Weaver's way too sensitive. Alix isn't yet the punk of future olde to deserve Weaver's ire, imho. btw, I couldn't help but think of the new Minus Garfield series, picturing Dax as Jon, having partaken a bit too much of the wacky weed, and Weaver's his imaginary friend. Leads me to take a dark twisted path, whereby the whole of THTIB is what Zeke is experiencing in his cell at a sanitarium.
Weaver seems so threatened and jealous by Alix like he's scared that he'll take Dax away from him, that they'll be best friends and he'll be the 3rd wheel. It's funny in that way he's acting like a human would as much as there is a distrust of humans.

Have to say that 2nd last comic picture of Dax is exceptional. I generally love pictures of people in a meditational state with their hands clasped, it is so soothing like you can feel the calm just by looking at them and this drawing is no exception.

I love Dax and Weaver stories, I really do, but honestly, but the whole "birth of a religion" theme that keeps reoccuring is a little off putting. I'm a person that sees and understands that some individuals derive a benefit from their religious practices, but has also noticed that, on a whole, religion has not been a good "experiment" with the big picture. For the most part it seems to promote classism, division, and prejudice (some elements of which can be seen developing in this story), and in many cases even superiority complexes, megalomania, and justification of nefarious actions against others. It's hard to see such an "evil" developing (let alone developing amongst characters that you like) and not find yourself "shouting at the screen, 'don't go down into the basement, Weaver!'"


Hey Sho!
I certainly wouldn't call it a "birth of a religion" theme. It's not a new religion being born, at most it's an old one... re-born. The way I see it, it's actually something very personal, very intimate to Dax and Weaver's lives, more a way of life than a religion, it's their relationship to "Mother" nature.

I'd say Weaver's reaction has very little to do with all the evils you associate with religion in general. He isn't using his "religion" to judge Alix as being less (pure, correct, enlightened, chosen or whatever...) than himself. No, I think the little guy just doesn't wish to share something that intimate with a stranger he's only known for a couple days, that's all.

Where is Dax in the... you know what, I won't finish that sentence because it's politically incorrect, so you can just finish it off with: [insert religious institution here]. What does "politically correct" actually mean anyway? Is it just a pretentious name for "don't be a [bleep!]"? And uh, what happened to that random wind monster Weaver encountered? Was it just a big lipped alligator moment? (I was super careful not to press enter, please work, comment, please)
Even with the explanation of what you're trying to say, it's not clear what you were trying to ask about Dax. I figure you can look up the origin of "politically correct" if you want to know why it's called that, but I tend not to deal very well with people who imply that political correctness is about pretentiousness. As for "what happened to that random wind monster," it's very peculiar and sort of insulting that you would suggest I might have forgotten about something important in my own story.
Ok, it's been a long time, but I think I was saying "where are people like Dax in X institution (political party, church, whatever)" because there's a lot of cult personalities that are all about BRAINWASH AS MANY MEMBERS AS POSSIBLE AND FORCE THE WORD OUT ON EVERYONE, WE'RE THE ONLY ONES WHO ARE RIGHT and Dax, with his devotion to The Mother... isn't like that. A lot more people are probably like Dax than I'm giving credit for

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