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Discussion question of the week:
Running Away

Did you ever pull the "I'm running away from home!" thing when you were a child? Did you ever think about doing it? Did you ever actually do it?


Wow, it's always nice to see Amanda happy and care free. The tent would be cool for rainy nights, but I get the feeling, from her reaction to thunder, that she will just make her way into a large building during thunderstorms from now on.

I am so glad that this section of -1 is told from Amanda's point of view. I don't think when mennie gets back that Amanda will be there and I'm pretty sure I don't want to see her reaction after, "They don't care about me anyway! My sister, and my sister's friend, and my mom don't even give a shit..." when she says Amanda gone even though she believes Amanda agreed to wait for her. If that happens then I think maybe I'd be cool with not seeing Mennie again, because I don't think she'd be very nice to Amanda upon meeting her agan after being abandoned by the care free baby (and we already know Mennie can hit when she's upset).

One thing though, what happened to The Resa? I know she has a bunch of her own problems but it seems odd she hasn't even put in a little face time (though to be fair, I guess it's possible she was around in all that time Amanda had been absolutely on her own). Even if Amanda doesn't go back to Mennie I think it would be a fun coincidence for her to bump into The Resa and update The Resa on her very effective indepence... maybe even treat The Resa to a snack so she won't worry and will know that Amanda can basically take care of herself.

Wow, a lot of typing this week... heh. *phew*


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