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Discussion question of the week:
You Are What You Eat

Do you eat the same sorts of foods that you were raised to eat, or have you developed a set of preferences based on later influences? Do you credit one person or experience with revolutionizing your diet, or is it too much of an amalgam to pinpoint?


Umm, hmmm... it looks like Alix is making passes at Weaver all over this one. Also, I LOVED the "I'm not like you" drawing of Weaver! It is very animated and he looks cool.


M. Lee10/30/104:50
Well, that's a trick. I'm sympathizing more with Alix than Weaver, which I never thought possible. Never thought the term "pissant bastard" would apply to our favorite blue meanie O_o;
Weaver really is prickly (to the point where he might take issue with that last word!), isn't he. While a degree of hostility towards humans is expected after that little being enslaved incident, his paranoia seems to go beyond that.

Given that he has almost zero knowledge of his past life and culture, I wonder if his behavior is at least partially instinctual. If his people were small relative to many animals- and perhaps other intelligent species- on his home world, it would help to explain his attitude.

I find the reactions of soem of the commentors here to be puzzling.

You're not an astronaut. You're not an explorer. You're not an adventurer of any kind. Or at least, even if you are, you have no memory of these things because you've found yourself washed up on the shore of an alien world, no memory of self or country and are half drowned.

Before you can even gather your strength back a creature of that world overpowers you and takes you prisoner. It locks you away and treats you like an animal. Over time it parades other creatures around you that oggle you as if you are in a zoo.

During your captivity the alien allows you access to a learning machine and through your own cunning you begin to decipher the creature's strange clicks and yowls and learn its language well enough to tell it you are not an animal and that you are a thinking and reasoning being that can't stand captivity and should be freed. To whit it ignores you, mocks you, and continues to imprison you for study and display. None of its kind that you meet are willing to aid you either.

The learning device also gives you indepth knowledge of story after story of how the majority of your captor's species treats those that are most different from it in an ill manner. Aliens such as yourself are often hunted, captured, and studied as you are, and in the end are even murdered and dissected only to further this war mongering race's curiosity.

In the end you devise a plan and free yourself. When you escape you run far into the alien wilderness and hide from all of your captor's kind in fear that you will be enslaved for amusment once more and possibly ultimately destroyed. You fend for yourself and eek out a meager survival in seclusion.

During your time alone you meet another amnestic castaway like you. Much diffeent than the things that captured you, this new fellow becomes a friend and has even more distasteful stories of the abhorrent behavior of the things that put you in a private zoo, kept as a possession because you weren't as strong. Only with your new companion they tried to indoctrinate him into a band that victimized their own kind as well!

With your new friend you find peace and a routinely lifestyle that works and then suddenly one of the creatures that victimized you both (albeit in different ways) appears in your sanctuary unannounced. Your friend, not as knowledgeable of the ways of this world as you, who did not have access to the learning device, and who has proven himself overly trusting before, readily welcomes this interloper into your confidence threatening your freedom and safety with the unknown. You stay guarded and the newcomer takes that as a cue to mock you as your previous captor did, and then villify you as those in the learning device often did to anyone different from them... usually shortly before betraying, capturing, murdering, and dissecting them.

Are you now ready to throw a welcoming party to the newbie?!


SHO's comments sure are surprising.

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