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Discussion question of the week:
Free Fall

Ivy seems to really enjoy her "dropping" game. If you could, would you try it? (Assuming you had complete control of the process the way she does?) Similarly, would you/do you enjoy the thrill of a free-fall ride, or are such things just too extreme for you?
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The dropping game... yikes.

Amanda is so cute. I wonder why neither The Resa nor Mennie has tried to name her yet. It seems odd.

Amanda going through the "Gimme!" and "MINE!" stage does not sound like a fun thing. Not with knowing she can effortlessly hold two adults against a wall until one passes out!


Ahhhh that picture of Ivy in panel 5 with her hair all messed up and stuff is one of the cutest most expressive pictures of her yet. I love it a lot!!
It really is hard for little kids to not obsess over not getting what they want, especially with material objects, the memory of what they desire sticks in their head and they just try try try till they either have it or have to give up like Ivy did and even then the memory often doesn't fade. Great that Mennie is firm with Ivy and is teaching her to limit herself and be happy with what she's got. Kids really need to learn that but sadly parents/others often give in and all it does is teach them to be spoiled brats. I think Mennie is going to be a great role model for Ivy, she's almost like a mother to her. Underneath her tough exterior she's got a kind heart and seems to really care for Ivy, they make a good team.

By the way, you'll be happy to know I plan on taking part in your 5 year celebration by sending in something for you. Congratulations on getting to the 5 year mark without a missed update, you've done so well. This really is a unique and special comic, so here's to the future! *raises glass*.

...That is my telekinetic character's favorite game as well. xD
My sister is an occupational therapist who works with autistic children. I wonder how she would go about persuading a kid like Ivy to "blend in" (walking, not flying, not using her TK to shoplift, etc.). I'll have to ask her.

Ivy is already a bit of an urban legend, isn't she. In this age of transparency, it's only a matter of time before knowledge of her reaches a threshold level... Then things are going to get crazy and probably scary.

Ah, the dropping game. Falling off the jungle gym backwards was my version of it.. except the ground caught me instead.

I've been reading this comic since there was only two story lines =D I don't remember how I stumbled across it, but I'm glad I did. Other webcomics can be entertaining, or dramatic, but there are few with this much organization, thought, and creativity. Well done and congrats on five full years!

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