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Discussion question of the week:

In Dax and Weaver's situation, do you think their decision to intimidate Alix from the get-go was the wisest choice? Do you think their attitudes--Weaver's aggressiveness and Dax's comparative passivity--are directly related to their respective sizes?
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Hm, I don't know. That new guy looks like a tool. I think I trust Weaver's instincts more here. Dax seems slow to comprehend others, Weaver tends t be a bit quicker on the uptake.


I thought that might be Alix.
Though as it happens I know nothing about him except his name and that he hangs out with Dax and Weaver, so this should be interesting. xD
M. Lee5/1/106:52
I never thought I'd see the moment where I would call Weaver an asswad, but this has brought it to bear. At least Alix is only obnoxious in his douchery . . . Still, Weaver's cute in his malice.
Ooooh. This is one of my favorite episodes so far. I am really intrigued by this "intruder," who claims he's not human. (I'm writing about a character who feels that way too, so great timing!) I can see why Weaver would be skeptical of that, but...wow, there is just so much misunderstanding here that has the potential to be explored and turned positive, but I want to see if and how that will happen. I am really hoping it will! I loved seeing Dax's and Weaver's differing reactions to this, too. Nice!!
Why does weaver think they're bluffing? It's two against one. Surely they could take one puny human?

And you know what they say: the littlest dog is the one that bites. A lion is relaxed because the gazelles will clear the way to water for him.

Did Weaver learn about hippies from watching sesame street?

"Why does weaver think they're bluffing? It's two against one. Surely they could take one puny human?"

Because they ARE bluffing. Nobody said anything about whether they could "take" a human. Dax made a casual reference to literally killing him. Yes, they're definitely bluffing if they use "I'll be glad to murder a sentient creature" as a deterrent, because Dax and Weaver are never going to murder a person.

"Did Weaver learn about hippies from watching sesame street?"

He watched an awful lot of stuff that wasn't Sesame Street, so probably not.

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