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Discussion question of the week:

When you meet someone new, do you prefer to be friendly until or unless they prove themselves unworthy? Or do you prefer to stay on your guard and warm up slowly only if the person deserves it? Do you usually know right away whether someone is going to be a friend or an enemy, or do you reserve judgment?
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Super weaver to the rescue. So many skills and he didn't even have to use his sword! It would have been interesting to see Weaver accost the hippies when they were high.

I wonder if the author of this comic knows about the "What If...?" series from Marvel or "Elseworlds" from DC. In both series the writers and artists mess with cannon and play around with the history of their respective universes in fun ways that don't effect the normal continuity. It would be cool to see a "What If...?" story where we see what would have happened if Weaver had been found by the hippies and Dax by the old man. Or maybe even switch them around with Adele's arrival.


Oh wow, they're very angry in this episode!
I can see how Weaver and Dax want to protect their territory and possessions but it must have been really scary for the stranger to suddenly be swarmed like that and muffled by Weaver! Gee, no-one would want to step into this land with Weaver and Dax around!
Stuart Gathman4/17/109:17
The objectively best strategy for dealing with strangers is Tit for Tat:


However, since Dax and Weaver expected/wanted never to meet this stranger again, an important condition for the success of the strategy was not met. (Hence their response could be considered reasonable.)

While the hermit lifestyle of Dax and Weaver is good at present, they need to grow beyond that. They should be on the lookout for trustworthy people (even if they are alien) to build relationships with. They should be hoping to meet a stranger that will not remain a stranger.

They should, but they aren't. But I think the Goddess that holds their life in Her hands has some providential circumstances in mind.

Wait, Weaver's been taking fruit from a farm? And Dax is OK with that? I remember him having strong feelings about stealing.
Weaver's got his own justification for why the fruit he collects is fair game (and it wouldn't jive with Dax's stricter morals, true), but Dax lacks the context to understand that the existence of a farm suggests the ownership of a farmer. It'll take a while before this issue is addressed, but if you're patient, you'll see. ;)

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