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Discussion question of the week:
Your Own Style

How important is your hairstyle to you? Do you spend a lot of time trying to make it look the way you like it, or do you just not pay attention to it? Have you had the same hairstyle for a long time, or do you like to change it often? What does it say about you?
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That was very cute, Amanda is always adorable. With her bangs grown out she looked very elven or maybe even hobbitish! I liked it too!

There's no way someone could tell The Resa what she said they said about her hair and get away with it. Thar's some kind of interesting hiring practice. It actually makes it seem like the events of this comic are taking place much longer ago than I previously thought.

One last thing, little kids and mirrors equal fun times... and there were two mirrors! Too bad we didn't get to see Amanda's delight in finding out what happens when she puts one mirror on each opposite side of herself. Heh, that would be A LOT o cuteness to draw!


These events are in the late 1980s. It's hard to tell from context whether Theresa is repeating what her employers said or if she's rephrasing with her own interpretation of what they must've been suggesting if they wanted her to "clean up her look." In any case I thought her hair looked fine but some people probably thought it seemed unkempt since it had snarls here and there, and at this point she's in "okay, whatever you say!" mode since she's happy to have a job. ::sigh::
Ah, that makes sense. A person's misconceived notions of other people's preconceived notions of himself/herself are just as influential as if the second party really expressed them or not... and also absolutely current.
Stuart Gathman4/10/1014:22
Sho! - even today, you can have a dress code, including hair style. Provided it is written and applies equally to all employees. Or perhaps you are referring to using the word "nappy", which could be construed as racist.
Yep, I'm pretty sure SHO! is taking issue with a company telling someone their hair looks nappy, not with having a dress code at all. Though I think it was probably only implied, not stated outright, and Theresa's reaction was to sort of put words in their mouths (in her good-natured way, of course). I also think it was probably lost on Melanie. . . .
What's so horrible about the word Nappy?
Depending on who said it and why, it can be considered a racially charged comment. If a white person told a black person their hair was too nappy, that would be a racist insult. But people who have the term used to describe them have a choice about whether they would use it. Regardless, it's controversial, and there is a LOT of history surrounding Black women's hair in the workplace and what constitutes professional style/dress code adherence.

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