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Discussion question of the week:
To the rescue

Last time Melanie saw Ivy, she seemed really frustrated and jealous, and she stormed off. Yet when she thought the baby might be in trouble, she didn't hesitate in coming to her rescue. Are you the kind of person who is there for your friends in times of need even if you've not been getting along, or are you more of the opinion that someone who's treated you badly doesn't deserve your attention? Have you ever come to someone's rescue even if they've not been there for you?
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Aw, I knew that had to happen sooner or later. And when it did it would be scary and confusing to little Amanda and kind of heartbreaking to read. Well, I'm just glad Mennie really isn't as selfish as she seemed originally. I wonder if The Resa is worried too.


M. Lee3/6/108:08
I'm sorry, but as bad as I feel for Amanda, I can't keep the grin off my face from the use of "dumbass baby" XD Call her that in her current incarnation, and doubtless a roaring thunderstorm would seem tranquil in comparison . . .
Aw, poor Ivy! Though I guess it was only a matter of time before this happened... Also, the shoes in a wrong place amuse me greatly. Are they in a tree? Cause I live near a tree which has had shoes hanging from it for months now. xD
Actually it's sneakers hanging on a power line or telephone wire. That seems to happen a lot of places! It's apparently very popular!
Also, I'd like to note how cool it looks on the front page that Amanda's thumbnail drawing seems to be staring quizzically (but unimpressed) at her worried mum's.


I've heard rumors that the shoes on the power line means "you can buy drugs here" but I don't think that's true. The shoes cannot indicate when the drugs are available, plus I've seen them in some locations that would be pretty bad for business, such as in the middle of a busy bridge.
I've heard that speculation about drugs before, but yeah, if it's true anywhere it's certainly not the only meaning for dangling shoes. I'd imagine it's an urban legend and has little to no basis in fact.
That would happen a lot in the 'hood I lived in.
I think it might be a memorial thing, the hanging sneakers, but I could be wrong.Perhaps people just like to hang shoes off of power lines because they have nothing else better to do.

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