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Discussion question of the week:
Parental inspiration

If you're a parent or want to become one, how did you make that decision? Did someone else's children inspire you and make you want to have your own (like Melanie is pondering in this week's issue)? If you don't have kids or don't want them, how did your feelings about other people's kids influence your decision? How early in your life did you make your decision about parenthood if you've done so?
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OMG, keep doing these like this and you are going to make me cry! This was so sweet and heart warming. I really wish Mennie could figure out a way to bring Amanda home and really have her as a little sister. If her parents and sister are so neglectful of her it seems almost like she could pull it off.

Hey, this was two Amanda comics in a row, wasn't it? That's weird! I wonder whats going on. Deja v.


What's "going on" is swankivy sucks at pacing her comic and is very behind with this storyline, so doubling up is the only answer if you don't want to be subjected to weeks and weeks of holding patterns with Meri Lin brooding, Adele wandering aimlessly, and Dax and Weaver gazing at their navels. . . . We're getting to the point in this story where the storylines have to start making sense in relation to one another, so a little bit of fast-forward for Ivy is necessary to make that happen.
That's OK because we love the Ivy story. You can just do this one for a while if you need to.

I just always wanted to be a parent. My mom said I was trying to take care of my siblings when I wasn't much bigger than them. I remember picking out names for my first 12 kids in grade school.

What was I thinking????!? :) It's hard being a parent. I think if any of us knew what we were really getting into humans might have died out by now.

Hey, you can't do another Ivy page. You're breaking your unestablished, unwritten, invisible rule!

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