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Negative One Forum!

Discussion question of the week:
Speaking vs. Writing
Some people express themselves best through speech, while others would prefer to put their ideas in text. Between speaking and writing, which do you feel you are best at? Which do you think is more valued in our society? If you had to give up either the ability to speak or the ability to communicate in text, which would it be?
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Hm, I think maybe the author has a thing for words and language.

I'm not completely sure why, but this issue of Negative One reminded me of the conversation between Tabitha and Adele over keeping a journal or writing a message/manual to her future self.


I'm really enjoying these Weaver and Dax moments. They learn so much about each other and themselves, and their conversations can make the reader ponder about relationships with people in their own life too, what they've learned about their friends, the strength and growth of friendship and other stuff like that. I hope they will always have these philosophical talks as part of the comic.

I am always looking forward to the weekly discussion on your forum. I truly enjoy taking part in that and reading your friends'/your responses too!

Good work, Ivy :)

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