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WOW, Adele!! It's been so long. Always so sweet, so beautiful. I wanna go camping with you, Adele! I'll bring the tac-bac!!
Stuart Gathman9/11/0923:52
Since this is an Adele episode, I'll hazard a prophecy: Adele is now in the neighborhood of Dak and Weaver.
I hope Adele brought some ground padding, because sleeping on the ground can be uncomfortable! Also, outdoor weather is not the same as the climate controlled library... but she has fur and warm clothes so I think she'll be alright.
Actually, Adele appears to be about to go to sleep with a blanket on her while sitting up sleeping, leaning on her backpack like it's a desk. Seems a bit of an uncomfortable position to snooze in, but then again, Adele can sleep while she's walking, so sleeping sitting up probably doesn't bother her at all. . . .
It's always great to see Adele again, I missed her so! Looks like she's taken her biggest step since joining the human world, only now she's decided to leave it. Perhaps it's for the best, feeling alone in crowded world is a terrible feeling. She knew early on that humans would have difficulty accepting an alien amongst them. Heck, humans have difficulty accepting other humans of different colors and ethnicities, let alone aliens!

Let's hope for the best for Adele, and hope she has enough food to survive out there in the wilderness.

Stuart Gathman9/18/0921:33
I sometimes have to sleep sitting up when I eat too late at night. I refuse to take those purple pills with all the side effects when gravity can do the work.

Humans have oppressed other humans based on various markers throughout history: speech patterns, ancestry, clothing, etc. All these methods had various drawbacks from the point of view of the oppressor: clothes could be forged, ancestry is time consuming to research, speech patterns could be retrained.

Identifying oppressees by skin color was an American invention, and a triumph of Yankee ingenuity. Difficult to forge, and instantly ascertained, it brought industrial efficiency to oppression for the first time.

Did she just walk for 3 days without sleeping?
No. She slept while she walked. Adele can sleep while she walks and does it pretty often. The first time she showed you she can do that was issue 100.

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