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Amanda is so cute! Even when she's having a tantrum. I like the way this little surrogate family is setting up. Hope the pastor is as good of a person as The Resa is and Mennie is trying to be. =Z=
I love all the mix of characters not only in Negative One, but in this storyline in particular. They are such an unexpected assortment. "The Resa" is becoming a favorite of mine. I love her strong personality!
Dawwww.... These pictures are so cute! :)

I really love the last one! Kitty and nap! :)

Nice to see that Theresa is setting some boundaries for both the kids, and that she put her foot down on this whole stealing business of Melanie's.
I love The Resa more and more. : )
Heh, Melanie is... well, I guess she's a confused eight-year-old girl. It's kinda amusing that she's using Ivy as a sort of elevator! I wonder what she would have done if Ivy had refused to fly?

I wonder what the pastor will make of this little flying elf?

I can't stand the way these characters talk. Why is there a southern hick and a gospel choir woman in NEW YORK?
I was born in the area of the country these people live in, and was later raised in the American south. I can assure you New York accents are not similar to Southern accents except that they both are known for leaving the endings off their words. The phrasing and especially the directness and rudeness of Melanie's dialect isn't "Southern hick" at all. (And though "gospel choir woman" might be closer for Theresa, her accent isn't out of place in New York either--and neither are gospel choirs.) And though there's no reason someone with ANY accent couldn't show up in New York, neither of these is supposed to be "heard" how you're apparently hearing it. This is definitely not an interpretation anyone else who's read this has had an issue with.

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