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This comic touches a chord with me; Meri Lin and I have something in common. Becoming too 'American' is considred bad by our families and it's ridiculous.

I have no complaints about the script (very good!) but the artwork is not as quite good as comic #2. Panel 6 is the one that needs the most improvement--her hand and phone are too small, especially since the phone was big enough to be seen in Panel 5 from the opposite side of her face and her eye size is much bigger in panel 6 than in 5.

I did really like the drawing of the photograph with the family in traditional Chinese garb--that was my favorite panel. :)

Fine, call us lurkers out. See if I care.

I'm reading - I like it. ^_^ Meri Lin is very cute.

Dan M.6/3/0510:47
I like that I can sort of get a feel for what this might be about and maybe where it's going. I would just advise that you don't wait too long to introduce some sort of action and forward motion to avoid risking it becoming stale.
As far as the art work, I really liked panels 3,5 and 8 mainly because you get a real good feel for the look of the characters. Again I like the different shades/colors for the different time frames which is actually really important to do.
The story is based on an interesting topic that I am somewhat familiar with. With this topic I think you could definitely make something of it. I am looking forward to the next comic mainly to see your art skills blossom further. Keep it up!
Meepmeepmeep!! I like your comic!! :) I look forward to reading more about the characters, and their personalities and backgrounds. You create really cool characters.
Great drawings the story begins to take more form keep with it and keep me informed

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