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"They need you over there. Would you languish here in comfort, denying your destiny?"

Joo, your characters say the wisest and most profound things sometimes. You should gather together all the inspiring quotes your characters say, and put them into a volume called "The Wisdom of the Ivyverse" or something like that. It would make a nice inspirational book :)

I think you are the next George Lucas with these Ivy stories.

First I like the title it leaves much to wonder what is to come and the close up of the eye in box 8 impressive (most impressive) I look forward to seeing the next stage.
Dan M.6/12/0523:35
Ok, I'm still not sure where this is going understandably. You mentioned "traveling through the pool" but didn't show this pool or elaborate enough on what this pool is in my opinion. Also I can't seem to figure out what is up with Adele's nose. It either looks like she's supposed to be like part animal or it's just missing or something...like it's a hole.
On a positive note I do really like 7th and 8th frames. You have done a great job with the artwork on those two.
I really like this soft, contrasting style that is being used here. (That's a lot of pencil but well worth it for the effect!) Lots of pretty hair movement, facial expressions and solid dialogue. The first panel, Tabitha looks exceptionally good. My favorite scene is where she and Tabitha are hugging. It's such a mother-daughter pose, I love it.

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