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Awww, Adele wants contact. I'm pretty sure in a past life, in another universe, I was Adele's first lover. Give her my phone number so we can touch basis again? DESU!
Is it just meant to be a coincidence that they're talking about missing children?
Also Adele looks really creepy when you can't see her face. :S
Jeremy Pratte6/11/0810:49
Good as always. Hey maybe she's hiding her face because she has a huge zit or something.

Anyhoo, I have a Photoshop suggestion for saving these for the web (using it's "Save for Web" feature, if indeed that's what you're doing, and if you're not, you should, and this is also assuming that you have a PSD, template or otherwise, saved that you use to make these): In "Save for Web & Devices" on the right side, where it says "Quality," next to where you set the quality percent, there's a box with a circle in it. Click that and you can "Modify Quality Setting" and if you click "All Text Layers" you can play with the quality so that you can optimize the text layers separate from the rest of the image. I've noticed that wherever you have text Photoshop (or whatever program you're using) is doing what it usually does with text when optimizing, dirtying up the pixels around the lettering. This might clean that up a bit.

Oh Deary, missing children, Dare I hope for a coming merger of some of the plot lines?
A missing child? Is this going where I think it is?

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