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This week's featured character is Adele!

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I love the way you drew Alix on the panel that says: "No, it's not that". It's like life drawing, can really see his facial features. What a handsome dude, haha. :)
Is Adele's... bossiness, I guess, specific to Alix because of how they don't get along, or is that just some character trait she's developed?
Stuart Gathman3/4/1219:19
It's not just Adele. Marriage classes *always* exhort men to pay attention to their wives intuition. If she has "a bad feeling" about a business partner or project, back off! Don't try to extract a logical reason - that's not how intuition works. Normal human intuition works by integrating vast amounts of data in a statistical summary. While there may be a simple cause amenable to logic, it takes a long time to tease it out of a sea of data (ask any researcher).

Yes, men can be intuitive also, but it is usually the woman. (Vice versa for logical reasoning.)

"Men should be believed in all matters of logic and women should be believed in all matters of intuition" is far too simplistic a statement to be used as a general rule. Drawing lines between what men can do and what women can do isn't going to result in accurate understandings of how people come to conclusions, even if you suggest there are sometimes exceptions. Also, in the context of this comic, Adele's intuition is also not "normal human intuition"--she just doesn't really have a word for it.
I don't know exactly how the dynamic is working between Adele and the guys, but in general she is wrong about not having to justify the sense we all share. If someone says don't go into the water because I see sharks, that's one thing. If however they say to not go in because they see something they don't know then people will ask to have it described. Even with this group there was "cross-examining" about the singing in the woods because it wasn't a clearly defined thing.

Also, Adele comes off like a dickbag again. I hate having to agree with Alix but I wouldn't just f***ing blindly follow someone's orders either, without some kind of explanation that I could then CHOOSE to agree with or not.

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