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Character Mailbag!

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This week's featured character is Weaver!

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Oh Adele, the reason you want to hug Weaver is because he is a Muppet and everyone wants to hug a Muppet!
Hmm, why does the character mail person have Weaver and not Adele?
"Dax is oblivious to any concerns." Are you sticking to your guns with your assertion that Dax isn't asexual? He reads very Ace to me. Also, there's a tv trope about the 75-25% ratio of male-to-female cast in media. Congratulations! But you're not a man writing so how did that happen? Also, nitpicky, but the official colored weaver art here looks more cyan or aqua than blue. Yeah, real nitpicky, but it's an extremely greenish-blue. but it's perfect don't change it.
As a person who is a) asexual and b) the author, I don't think I need any special justification for asserting that yes, I know that my character is not asexual. (And it really is baffling that you read Alix's concern as motivated by something related to sex. It was not. And Adele was not suggesting Alix's concern was related to sexuality while Dax doesn't have such a thing. That's really weird.) No, there ISN'T a 75% to 25% cast in this medium--there are two whole separate narrators who are female who aren't part of this group--but you do seem to really like playing find-a-trope with my story and counting anything you can simplify to make it fit. As for Weaver's color, I assure you I'm not going to respond to someone's comment that Weaver looks more cyan or aqua than blue by running to the drafting table and redesigning him so no one will ever be able to find a more specific blue to call him, thereby saving all the characters who have called him blue from being incorrect. I promise you don't need to reassure me that I don't need to change it.

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