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Discussion question of the week:
How do you decide your purpose in life?
Adele determines that her purpose in life is best self-chosen, but some people do believe they serve a higher calling (or at least experience an epiphany when they figure out what they are "meant" to do). Do you feel that everyone on Earth has a "purpose" for being here that they must fulfill, or do you think we make our own? Do you think some (or all) people are "chosen" for certain purposes by God/destiny, or do you think we're each on our own to decide what our lives are for? Do YOU have a "purpose"? Can you share whether your understanding of that purpose was more a discovery or a decision?
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Finally! Another Adele chapter. She's been missed. Perhaps I am reading it wrong, but was this installment saying that it has been less than a day since Adele left the city?


Yup, it's only been a day or so that she's been actually out of the city; in #226 she decided to leave the library, though it took two and a half days to GET out of city limits. She slept there that night, got up in #234, and left off that episode wandering toward a mysterious destination. She found said destination in this issue, on the same day.
The art in this issue is really beautiful seeing as how it's mostly just her sitting and thinking. *heads over to the forum*
I love your drawings of Adele. They are so cute and expressive and lifelike.
Who wrote that book? Stephen Hawking? Leon Lederman? Bill Sidis? ...Isaac Newton?
I wasn't modeling it after anyone specific. I may have been using some of the opinions I have of Brian Greene as references, but he wouldn't have written the book I felt that way about yet at the time she was reading hers.

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