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NEW FEATURE: Negative One Forum!

If you didn't notice last week, I just started a forum. There will now be a "discussion question" pitched at the end of each comic. Click the discussion link to read or join in the conversation! (And yes, please continue to comment through the simpler drop-down form submitter if you want your comments to show up ON the webcomic page. The forum is an expanded discussion place. You can do both or either! Up to you!)

Discussion question of the week:
Faith: Is Questioning Necessary?
Many people--like Dax and Weaver--live according to a set of beliefs that could be considered a religion, and faith is an important component of many religions. Do you think questioning one's faith is necessary to ultimately understand it, or do you think it's dangerous to doubt? (Feel free to discuss your own experiences with religion or faith if you feel like sharing as well!)
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Your drawings of Weaver and Amanda are getting amazingly good! The image panels three through eight in this episode really show that off as well as just how cool a character Weaver looks like. Kudos to the artist.

On a different note... I don't know if it was ever established as cannon that Weaver and Dax come from the same place. I think it was implied though. It seems to me that if they do, and if the Flash doesn't radically alter personalities, that perhaps the tinier species that Weaver comes from just naturally fall into place as being in charge. Dax, though he is large and seems to have complex thoughts, seems almost child-like in his unsophisticated (or at least less complex) way of reasoning as well as his ultimate conclusions.

I wish we could get at least a one shot glimpse of their world.


P.S. I just realized that the seemingly most powerful characters of Negative One seem to be the tiniest ones. I wonder if that is intentional on the part of the author.

Yes, I think it was just very strongly implied that Weaver and Dax are examples of the "cooperative" species from the dimension that Adele got to name. The reference you're talking about was all the way back in #0046!
(And yes, to any readers who might wonder, this particular webcomic author is, shall we say, vertically challenged. . . . )
Aww! Yeah, I said that aloud at the hug.

I love that Weaver seems more certain of his faith than Dax here. Unexpected but awesome.

I wonder if up until now, Dax had a preconceived notion of the Mother in his mind. When Weaver was injured in the storm, the situation may have perplexed Dax, because it seemed to contradict his understanding of Her. Both of them has expressed their devotion to her, and Dax have thought She would always reciprocate in kind. In the last Dax & Weaver story, I speculated that Dax was of the "true believer" mentality. And sometimes when something bad happens to a true believer, they may feel it was because of their Deity is unhappy with something they did (or didn't do). As a means of repenting, they could strive to have a stronger faith in the future, or in more extreme cases, demand a sacrifice.
Have you ever met a Mormon missionary? Or, alternatively, a cable company agent trying to sell you a streaming service? They never do this. You can throw any and all logical questions at them and they'll have a boatload of answers to avoid embracing discomfort and accepting doubt.

And the ancient greeks sacrificed cattle as literal bribes to Hera to stay in her favor, lest they invoke her wrath.


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